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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Style Icon are Surfers!

How many people wish they could be at the beach right now?  Why do you think so many people feel this way? Well there are plenty of reasons why us Fashionistas would love to be there...especially now that Summer is on the horizon!  Here are 5 reasons why I think the new style icons are surfers!

1. You can have effortlessly wild & sexy hair just by spending a day at the beach vs. spending hours perfecting the "straight 'do" in your bathroom
2. You get to wear comfortable & stylish flip flops vs. Wearing uncomfortable stilettos
3. You get glowy skin by playing in the water vs. Laying in a yucky tanning booth
4. You boost your happiness with a little sun exposure & outdoor exercise vs. Exercising inside under fluorescent lamps
5. Your outfits easily go together and look sexy vs. Planning the "right" outfit in advance

What's not to love about sexy hair, beautiful skin, a positive outlook on life, in shape physique and hot outfits?! It's plain to see that the new style icons are surfers! What do you think? Where can you purchase cute surf-inspired clothing and shoes? Try Roxy! ( - they're my favorite!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Two

Hey Fashionista! It's time for "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Two!" I'm thrilled to have our Shoe Designer bring us behind the scenes to show us an exclusive look into the development of her own shoe line.  If you missed last week's "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week One" just click on the title to read it now.  Or if you want to know what this series is all about, be sure to check out my first post "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer" here!  Enjoy!

Hey Fashionista!
I bet you're wondering what you're looking at, huh?
Haha, well here is a material board full of swatches.
Some may know this term and others may not. So, I'll explain.
A "Swatch" is a sample of fabric most designers (like, shoe designers, interior designers, fashion designers, etc.) deal with on a regular basis because they're designing something involving fabric.

The process of obtaining these materials (that we call "swatches") varies by industry.
For a Shoe Designer, the process involves the manufacturer and myself. 
I communicate with a particular person from the factory (keep in mind, "Factory" and "Manufacturer" are the same thing! :) asking them to shop at their local material market in China for new swatches. 
He or she sends me a photo and if it's a good match to what I need, then we use it!
The swatch process can be done before creating a shoe prototype or after. It just depends.
The swatches (pictured above!) will be used on several of my shoes.
But I can't tell you'll have to wait and be SURPRISED!
Do you have any questions thus far? Feel free to ask me in the comments section below. Or you can stop by and say hi! Amanda and I love those too. ;)

So what did ya think, Fashionista? If you liked "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Two" let us know in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week!

Your Fashion Coach

Friday, May 20, 2011

Floral Sandal Sale!

Hi Fashionista! You'll want to take part in this floral sandal sale! Why?  Well, lately, I've been searching for an affordable floral sandal ever since they've exploded on the fashion scene.  Something about the vibrant floral colors accompanied with rich espresso tones makes this sandal Utterly Perfect. However, the prices were raining on my parade....$56.00, $86.00 and up! That's a little steep.  And, hello, I want several pairs! 

Finally, finally, finally, my world turned right-side-up when I found a floral sandal sale at Payless that we can benefit from!  Make sure you hurry, they're only at this price until June 8th! Enjoy! 

Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week One

Welcome to Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week One! If you missed the Introduction to "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer, click the title to read more about this fabulous series released on The Fashionista Coach! Enjoy the first week of catching up with our Shoe Designer in her quest to design the perfect shoe line!

Hi Fashionista! Thank you for following my journey of designing the perfect shoe line! Yes, I am a Shoe Designer for a company that designs many lines of shoes for retailers all over The United States.  I feel pretty lucky to be in this industry doing what I love most...designing shoes!  So, as of now, I am 5 weeks into my shoe line.  See the "prototypes" to the left? Don't worry I'll explain what that means! :)

Let me get you up to speed on what I've done in the past 5 weeks.  First, my team and I started discussing what the line should consist of.  Then we decided which types of outsoles (bottom of the shoes) and uppers (top of the shoe) we will want know, what kind of shoe we're designing overall. In this case I'm designing flats!  But what does the marketplace really want from flats? We determined comfort and style.  From that point I connected with the factory (the manufacturer who will make my shoes) and started developing the outsoles and designing the uppers (which I'll get into more later!)

Today I am literally jumping up and down because my "prototypes"are  back from the factory! Okay, you must be wondering what the heck is a "prototype" right?  A "prototype" is the 1st Sample of the overall shoe.  It's the pattern (I requested) and the shoe (I designed) put together.  The "prototype" comes back to me with the material I wanted for the shoe but the Factory uses an available color of the material I want on the shoe and creates the "prototype"  from that.  The "prototype" may come back looking "clownish" (sometimes cute, or or in a totally different color than what will be on the finished product.  What's important is for the "prototype" to be subtle enough to see the pattern so I can make the corrections needed.  The "prototype" can take a couple weeks to develop,  or sometimes a month, it really just depends.  It usually depends on the availability of the material (which is the biggest challenge for producing a quick "prototype").  It is ALWAYS a GOOD idea to stay in contact with the factory so we can clear up any problems that may delay the shoe line.  

Now that I uncovered what the heck "prototypes" are and why I'm so happy to have them in my possession! It's time for the materials!  After spec-ing a lot of shoes last week, (specing is putting the actual material you want on the shoe) the factory comes back and says the materials I chose are not available or take too long to develop (make) in time to make my sample.  The factory also says I've chosen too many colors for the outsole (which are the bottoms of the shoes) material. Rrrrr China! Why is this frustrating news? Because it takes another day of finding more fabric, which sets me back a day...possibly more. In addition, I now need to wait for the Factory to find available metallic leathers for me to use.  I won't have an answer until tomorrow, if I am lucky.  So now, I've given up looking for a substitute material and going to do my shopping report, so I can find more inspiration for my shoe line.  Keep your fingers crossed, Fashionista!! Hope to see you next Tuesday for another update!  Thank you for reading. :)

Wowy! Thank you for reading Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week One!  Stay tuned for next week's update from our fabulous Shoe Designer! Have a wonderful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabulous Bathing Suits on a Budget

Tis the season to shop for fabulous bathing suits!  I know you'd love to own a fabulous bathing suit on a budget, versus paying boo-koo bucks for a designer one, right?  Well, I've done a little research and found 3 places that sells fabulous bathing suits to suit your budget!  Some places are super budget-friendly that you won't pay more than $11 a piece!
Ready to find a fabulous bathing suit? Thought so!

Bathing Suit Top: $10.80
Bathing Suit Bottoms: $9.80

Bathing Suit Top: $14.95
Bathing Suit Bottom: $12.95

Bathing Suit Top: $18
Bathing Suit Bottom: $16

Here's a little fabulous bathing suit tip before purchasing: Don't get caught up in sizes.  Try the size bigger and smaller than you usually wear to see what works best!
Hope you found this post "Fabulous Bathing Suits on a Budget" helpful! 
Learn What the best type of swimsuit is for you before purchasing your new bathing suit!

Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer

Photo Courtesy of

Have you ever wondered how a shoe is designed?
Or what it takes to bring a shoe design to life?  Follow the journey of a Shoe Designer series is completely new to The Fashionista Coach! I will bring you behind the scenes of a brilliant shoe designer who is making her claim with a new company.  Her prior experience and portfolio entailed sucessfully designing multiple lines of super successful shoes that are possibly on your feet or in your closet now!  She has broken away from global lifestyle footwear company to embark on a new journey with a brilliant company that supports her beachy, comfortable yet fashionable footwear vision. 

If you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the exciting scenes of a shoe designer's world, follow the journey of a shoe designer every Tuesday as we uncover the up's and down's of a shoe designer's journey to the ultimate shoe.  Get ready Fashionista, you could win a pair of these fabulous shoes just before they hit stores!  See you next Tuesday for the first Journey of a Shoe Designer update! ;)

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 9, 2011

Preppy: The Bubbly & Happy Trend

I am so excited preppy: the bubbly & happy trend has emerged on the fashion scene! I love clean cut, classic, and timeless clothes (which define the "preppy" style) because they are polished, enhance your appearance and make you look slimmer! 

 As a whole, the preppy trend is timeless and not necessarily a trend because of its timeless pieces.  However, there are elements that move preppy clothes into the trendy category such as: ribbon belts, popped collared shirts, and rope-belt shirt dresses...  

 In case you have any preconceived notions about preppy-wear, let me be clear by saying it's not for snobby people.  Actually, preppy clothes are meant for friendly people who are happy with who they are and always have good manners- 
characteristics that resonates with me!

So, now that we got that out, here's all you need to know about preppy: the bubbly & happy trend!
*Style Menu of the Preppy Trend* 

  • Fabric: Classic, and clean-cut clothes in good fabrics. Try and buy mostly 100% cotton, wool and cashmere.
  • Colors: Wear these clothes in preppy colors like, bright and happy hues of green, pink, light blue, nautical red, white and navy blue.  
  • Patterns: Wear them in preppy patterns such as plaid, stripes, gingham, polka dots, argyle, floral, paisley, nova checks, and tartan. Warning: Don't over do it with too much pink and green.
Which clothes are considered preppy?

Polo shirts and Oxford shirts
Diamond jewelery and pearl necklaces
Patterns such as plaid, stripes, gingham, polka dots, argyle,
Flip Flops
Clean cut dresses
A classy pair of jeans
(skinny are fine, but not too tight. Straight leg are good, flare or bootcut also work well.)
Cardigans in many colors (cheap are fine if you are buying in bulk.)
Classy blouses and such, in silk or other nicer fabrics.
Ballet flats.
Classic high heels.
Avoid flashy watches

The preppy look is basically a neat, well-balanced, put-together look that can be achieved by combining the right colors, patterns, and accessories. It is never trashy, mall-trendy or overdone. Simple, classic, and clean. I hope you enjoyed my post about Preppy: The Bubbly & Happy Trend!  Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts on this trend!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designs Kate Middleton's Gown!

For months, Kate Middleton's wedding gown had been under raps.  No one knew which designer would design Kate Middleton's gown for her royal wedding.  The public and media tried their best to solve the mystery (which almost surfaced a few days before the big day!) but didn't quite guess until the final moment, Kate walked down the long and elegant aisle.

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed Kate Middleton's gown! Many people were surprised at this choice since the McQueen design house is known for edgy designs.  This dress was far from it's reputation.  Which, in my opinion, makes a great designer.  I think Sarah Burton stepped outside her fashion world and designed an elegant dress fit for Kate Middleton's royal wedding to Prince William!

My favorite part of Kate Middleton's gown?

The bodice and sleeves! Ahhhh, the lace was sensational, and the v-neck and sweetheart top was breathtaking!  Her veil and tiara (which was borrowed from the Queen) was the "icing" to the cake. 
What do you think of Sarah Burton's design? Do you think she design Kate Middleton's gown beautifully? Leave your comment below!

P.S... Kate Middleton reminds us that Fairytales are REAL and they DO come TRUE!

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