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Monday, April 11, 2011

{Guest Blogger} Spring Trends You HAVE to Try!

My super brilliant and fabulous friend, Nicole is back for another trend update for SPRING! Take her advice, Fashionista! She knows what she's talking about! ;) Take it away, N!

HOLA FASHIONISTAS! I am back for Spring! Didja miss me? Anyway, here are some spring trends you HAVE to try. Seriously, these fashion do’s will be your favorites of the year!

Maxi Dresses & Skirts

I know this trend has been on the “do” list for years, but let’s get bohemian! I blame Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens for making this look so fab! How do you make the maxi dress and/or skirt work? For shoes, wear flat sandals or wedges. Do not even attempt to pair it with chunky heels, boots, or shoes. Then it will look 90s. For a top, if you are wearing a maxi skirt, go for a basic tee or tank top. That way you have a blank canvas you can work on!

All dresses and skirts are from

Bell Bottoms/Flare Jeans

The 70s are back! But not as intense as it was back then. Spice up your jean collection with bell bottoms and/or flare jeans! Change it up - instead of wearing skinny jeans to work or to class, wear your bell bottoms and flares! This style works with EVERY body type and personal style. So, for all my curvy gals who felt a bit self-conscious wearing skinny jeans or denim leggings or for those who dislike bootcut jeans, try these babies on!

All jeans are from

Delicate Jewelry

One of the dont’s for 2011 is overaccesorizing. I am all for wearing rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. But do not go overboard with it! As much as I love the jewelry trend nowadays, but I cannot get enough of necklaces with simple charms, a simple gold or pearl earring, a gold bangle, or a modern diamondless ring.

All jewelry is from

What do you think, fashionistas? What are some spring trends you are loving so far? Share your thoughts below!

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