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Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You the Leading Lady in Your Life?

"Create your wardrobe in such a way that when you dress in the morning you feel like a leading lady in your life." ~By Yours Truly

I watched the movie "The Holiday" the other night...have you seen it? If you haven't- it's a must see!  It's about two women who've feel love is hopeless after terrible breakups.  They need a change and swap houses with each other to get away from their lives.  Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet are fantastic in this movie because they really capture all the complexities of true heartbreak.  While Kate Winslet is at Cameron Diaz's house she meets a man who's about 90 years old.  He makes a tiny little remark that sets her on an entirely new path of self-confidence and happiness.  What did he say? "In a movie, there's a "Leading Lady" and "The Bestfriend"- you, I can tell are a leading lady, but you're acting like the best friend...."

Aha! Profound insight into her tangled self point of view.

Does it apply to yours? 

I took this character's words to heart and thought about creating your ideal wardrobe based around the things you LOVE. Wouldn't it be fantastic if your outfit reflected your role in your life as "The Leading Lady" rather than "The Best Friend?"  Best part about this is that we all have control over what we decide to wear- every single day. 

We are aware of what color, what style, and what accessory makes us do a double-take in the mirror.  So why aren't you wearing it?  Most women keep things like old sweats, baggy t-shirts and faded prints because we feel like maybe we spent a lot of money on it, think we'll fit into after we berate our bodies to lose the extra weight, or because we feel like we'll never have money to buy clothes again. This is simply not the case.  Instead, you're making room for the kind of person you envision yourself being. Who you like to be!  The clothes and style that make you smile back at yourself in the mirror are exactly the ones you should be wearing!

Don't discount them if it's "too formal/professional/striking/hot/sophisticated/inappropriate for what you're doing. That is just your illusion of being undeserving of your own happiness. I really urge you to take time today to rediscover what you love wearing; what makes you smile and wear it from now on, sister! No excuses!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New Style...Here's How

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Happy New Year, Fashionista!  So, we're a couple weeks into 2011 and there's no time like the present to assess your style and get you where you want to be! Stylish, right?  Thought so. ;)
Well, I cracked open my closet yesterday to reassess my clothes.  To my surprise, I found dresses that I haven't worn in, gosh, 2 years I think?  I know! Totally going against my rules, however, I found a hidden reason why these items slipped through my purging radar.  See if any of these excuses hold you back....

#1. The dress was RED (my favorite color).
#2. I spent quite a bit of money on it. 
#3. I thought it still fit the same way it did 2 years ago. 
#4. I thought it would be as stylish as it was when I wore it (2 years ago).

AHA! My experience paints the perfect picture of style-sabatoge!  Those silly little excuses clutter our mind, which clouds are judgment and dampers our style.  So here's what I did to get past it to make room for a new style. TRY IT ON!!! Yep, yep, yep!  Try that sucker on.  When I tried my dress(es) on I found two of the four dresses were outdated and unflattering.  The length was akward, the bubble hem made my bottom half look - shall we say "fluffy."  So what did I do? Realized my reasons were outdated and I gave it to charity!

Reassess your role in life and create shopping priorities. This is the next most important thing you can do to build a new style for yourself because knowing what's a priority will save you money and time.  For me, I work from home and live on a mountain in the suburbs, newly married, and go out occasionally with my husband.  My priorities for clothing are: casual-stylish.  Translation: Jeans, nice casual tops, leggings, flats, casual heels, casual dresses (for date nights), and a few fancy dresses (for husband's work parties).  Before I got married and moved from the city to the 'burbs, my priority list looked a little different.  I need professional attire.  Trousers, blazers, blouses, fancy heels, more accessories- instead of jeans, casual tops and flats.  So, make sure you reassess your lifestyle and clothing priorities if you've endured a lifestyle change.

Take note of how things fit your figure.  You know your body shape more than anyone else does because you live with it every second of the day.  Let's be honest, knowing when things fit well and not so well, makes us concentrate more on the negative side of our shape, right?  What if we take that negative side and investigate it?  For instance, my negative thoughts about jeans are: "I hate how my figure looks in low-rise jeans with embellished back pockets and straight leg. My a$$ and hips look huge!" Ouch.  Sounds like I take clothing mis-fits personal, huh? Guess what, it's NOT personal.

Let's get around that shall we? Okay.  A better way to reframe this scenario is to have an objective point of view.  This will keep your body out of it and focus in on the type of clothes that will fit your shape.  Let's take my negative comment about jeans and flip it to an objective point of view: "Alright, these pants aren't flattering me in the best way possible.  If a straight leg, embellished back pocket, and low rise puts more emphasis on my larger area, maybe I can find a pair of jeans with less embellishment, a wider leg and higher rise." 

Just because an article of clothing doesn't fit you, doesn't mean your shape is flawed, it's the clothes! Move on and find what fits!

Figure out your shopping budget.  In a perfect world I could walk into my favorite store (LOFT, WHBM to name a few) purchase anything and everything I wanted. Then leave with dozens of bags in each hand, with a new outfit on and a sales clerk trailing behind me with more bags!  Yes, I have this fantasy all the time.  One day I'll be there, but for now we've gotta be --again, more objective...

Soooo, let me present a little exercise for you to use.  Grab a glass of wine and bust out your check register (and laptop). 

Ask yourself:

(A) How much do I spend on bills, recreation, food, savings, etc a month? 

(B) How much do I have left over after I've paid everything?

Take a do-able portion out of the money that is left over and use it JUST FOR SHOPPING.  Even if it's $15.  (You can buy a cute top/jewelry even shorts for that amount!) Use it or put it in a shoe box to save up for your ultimate purchase, like a new pair of heels.  The key is to get real with your spending and financial picture so you can use it to your shopping advantage.

Take these pillars of information to reinvent the New Year with New Style! Make sure you purge the old, assess your clothing priorities, analyze your figure's strengths and weaknesses and carve out a do-able amount of money for shopping.  Oh, and get to it, girl! Here's to a New Year, New Style Fashionista! 

Your Fashion Coach

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