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Monday, December 20, 2010

One BIG Secret to A Stylish Holiday Party!

Holiday Look!

Holiday Look! by FashionistaCoach featuring couture shoes
Good Morning Fashionista! We are in countdown to one of the biggest holidays of the season! I know many of you are probably throwing a holiday party and might be stressing out thinking how are you going to get everything done? Well, I was there just a bit ago thinking the same thing.  However, through the chaos, I discovered one BIG secret to a stylish holiday party that helped ease my tension! And can help you too!

The GOAL (And my story!) I wanted to look fabulous, I wanted my house to look fabulous and I wanted the food to be fabulous! It was almost like a perfection streak, I know, but aren't we supposed to aim high? Okay, so, when the day came for me to prepare, I was overwhelmed. I talked myself out of having fun with the process because my to-do list was so long. Clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, bake cupcakes, wash the floors, arrange dining room furniture, do your nails (chipped nail polish ain’t gonna fly), shave your legs, do your hair (ugh, why is it so flat?!), wash your face, do your makeup, oh, and find a fabulous outfit. Can you see how daunting this process was becoming?

Then a LIGHTBULB went off… Why not get myself ready FIRST? Then take care of the cleaning, baking and setting up afterward!  Initially I thought it sounded dumb.  But then after careful consideration, I saw how it could work.  My endless to-do list had me convinced time was running out anyway! But if I got myself polished before zipping through the menial work, I would feel good knowing I was almost done. AND I could focus 100% of my energy beautifying my home for the holiday party!

Here's The Secret! So what I would like you to do, Fashionista, is to take the time to get ready FIRST. Complete the big stuff like, washing your hair, re-doing your nails, shave, shower, blow dry your hair before picking up a broom. Then start and finalize your chores. I guarantee your tasks will go by quicker due to your serene focus and radiant energy derived from polishing up first. Sure, you still have a ton to do, but that nagging voice inside your head won’t bug you with its endless chatter - mine?: “Ugh, you still need to take off your nail polish and apply another color. Should I go with red? Pink? And your hair is so flat and dirty, you need to wash it soon! You’re running out of time!" -- Yeah, exhausting much?!  Do you know what I mean? So, let’s silence those thoughts by getting yourself ready first!

The MORAL Of The Story: Once you take care of yourself, I guarantee your good energy will flow.  You'll imagine your party as a complete success while scrubbing the floors. You’ll see how dazzling you’ll look as you sweep the last bit of dirt off the floor. And, you’ll visualize sharing your infectious good energy with everyone when the last cupcake is frosted. Trust me; there’s no better way to entertain than with a great attitude and great energy!

Wishing you a fabulous holiday season- as always!


Your Fashion Coach

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