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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Guest Post} Bye, Bye 2010 Trends!

Hello Fashionistas! I am back for another guest post. Well, it’s been a great year in 2010 and I am anxiously waiting for 2011 (goodbye, college!). So, I think it is time to leave some fashion trends behind because I do not think 2011 could handle another year of these fashion duds (okay, so this is just my opinion).

Shredded Jeans

I am not a big fan of these jeans. I do not mind one tear or two. But one pant leg with a one big hole? What is the point of wearing pants then? You might as well go pants-less! If you still want a “holey” look for your jeans, go for something more vintage and worn. It has more of an off-color look than something disgusting like that picture below.

P.S. I do not care what your favorite celebrities are wearing, who named them queens of the fashion scene? Torn jeans are just not classy anymore!


Aren’t they like ultra-skinny jeans? I mean they look like it to me. My sister tried a pair of denim jeggings on – she couldn’t get them past her ankles. She is not too skinny and not too large – she has curves. I think the only people who can wear jeggings are skinny, skinny people – or if you want a pair of jeggings so badly, you have to customize it to make it fit your own body. OR you can just buy skinny jeans – genius, am I right?!

Guess which one is the jegging and which one is the skinny jean!

Oh and I do not like the word “jegging.” How about “denim leggings?” Sound good? OK!

BTW, Amanda the answer is: the left is the denim legging and the right is the skinny jean LOL (don’t tell anyone that yet!)

Plaid Shirts

I think this trend will never go away, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. I have to admit I do own one plaid shirt, but I wore it once and never again. Why? I saw a girl wearing the exact same shirt as me. Yes, I hid that shirt at the back of my closet. Plus it was $10 on sale, so it wasn’t a waste! I blame Hollywood for making this shirt popular (I love your restaurants but I do not love the people).

Motorcycle Boots

Maybe it’s the chunky platforms that bug me. I think the classic boot is more sophisticated and will last longer than the Harley Davidson-inspired boots. The classic boot can go with anything, but pairing the motorcycle boots with any outfit reminds me of the 90s.


You have a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet on. Isn’t that enough? I don’t think so! Some people add maybe three more necklaces, two rings, and maybe a couple of more bracelets. For me, the rules of accessorizing go like this: if you have a ring on, you can add more like a necklace, bracelet, OR earrings. If you have a necklace on, add a bracelet OR ring. If you have earrings on, wear a bracelet OR ring. If you have a bracelet on, you are free to wear a necklace, ring, OR earrings. UNLESS you are someone who is advertising or modeling the jewelry collection, accessorize as much as you want. For us street people, I think overdoing it with the “bling” or any jewelry is plain tacky.

Thank you, Nicole for the fabulous advice! I couldn't agree more with you! It's time to bring in the new trends for 2011...and KISS these old trends good bye...just like the year 2010!
Fashionista: Which trend are you excited to see go bye-bye with the year 2010? Cast your vote above! Have a WONDERFUL & SAFE NYE, pretty! We'll see you next year! {Muah!}


  1. So funny you used that photo of LC, I was watching that episode she wore that shirt in last night and decided to do my hair that way today... random! (BTW I LOVE my plaid shirts hehe) and while I LOVE my denim leggings, the term 'jeggings' can get trashed.

  2. Hi Amanda!

    I so agree with you. The term "jeggings" never painted the right picture for me. I imagined jogging pants or something LOL. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! XO


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

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