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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Do You Define Fashionista?

When you think of the word "Fashionista" what comes to mind? Is it positive? Or negative? How do you define Fashionista?

After talking to many women about this subject, I discovered this term to be negative. Most women define a Fashionista as unattainable and not for them.  I get the sense women base this concept on having to be skinny, rich, blonde, perfect and a "designer-label-lover."  Several people have said Paris Hilton is the perfect example of the description above.  (Sorry, Paris!) I can see how designer labels and Paris Hilton have given the term "Fashionista" a bad rep.  But consider another possibility...

Money can buy you fashion, but money can never buy you style. In my eyes, a Fashionista is someone who is true to themselves.  They know and harness self-love that allows them to want great things from life.  They constantly push their boundaries to be a better person.  They strive for their dream job...or their dream life because they know they can have it.  Because of that love that goes on inside of them, they want to show the world their most stylish self.  

Your style file might include designer labels- and that is totally fine!  Fashionistas can like designer purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc. without meaning you are a pushy, self-righteous, snob.  You've probably taken the time to save for these items and are very responsible with your money.  Or, maybe designers aren't your thing.  Instead you get your kicks from finding the perfect deal. Or, perhaps you prefer organic clothing because you're passionate about saving and supporting our environment. Either way, a Fashionista is defined by your unique qualities, which is the vehicle to your perfect style. 

So, how do you define Fashionista? Is she someone strong, smart, witty, and caring who happens to look stylish? Remember, you can be stylish no matter your age, shape, size, budget, or cultural background.  It's defined on your terms and your qualities.  I encourage you to jot down what comes to mind right now and start creating your ideal Fashionista.  I'd love to hear your ideas on what that looks like for you.  Hoping you have a wonderful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Accessories add color, style and class to an outfit, and create a certain look, but they may also have practical functions.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I completely agree. An outfit isn't quite a complete outfit without accessories. Which do you like most?

    Thank you for posting!



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