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Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Signs Your Wardrobe is Blah

Hey Fashionista! Sometimes we're too involved with our busy schedule, demanding jobs, and multiple commitments to tell if our wardrobe needs a fashion fix. So, how do we know if it's gone by the wayside? Here are a few solid signs and ways to fix it!

1. There's a Color Trend...
Go look in your closet. Do you notice a collection of colors? Like 10 white t-shirts? Or, 5 black slacks? Do you notice a certain color amassing your hangers? Was your answer yes? Then, you might want to rethink your shopping strategy.  Venture out and test new hues.  For instance , if you love pink, try purple, if you can't get enough of black, try gray.  Remember:Variety is the spice of life!

2. It's a Sea of Solids...
Solid colors are great in moderation. But when your t-shirts, socks, blouses, scarves, belts, sweaters, cardigans are all solid, you're simplifying too much and loosing a piece of style real estate. You've gotta mix it up a little. The truth is that - You are hip and you are totally stylish. So why not let everyone else know it? Thankfully this is an easy fix. Start small if this idea doesn't fit comfortably at first. Buy patterned accessories- say a scarf (perfect for Fall) or a printed cami to wear beneath a t-shirt. A little print can go a long way.  

3.  Faded Colors
Gray sweaters that used to be black, or an orange shirt that used to be red, doesn't deserve to take up precious space in your closet. Toss them! Understand that you WILL find another sweater/shirt to replace your beloved item. Look for something just as fabulous and remember to read the label for care instructions.
Bonus Tip: The most typical way to keep colors from fading is to: turn clothes inside out, wash in cold water (with like-colors), and don't over-dry.

4.  You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  There's a tank hanging in your closet right now that used to be your go-to top for a night out. It made you feel hot, but these days, it's lookin' pretty shabby.  Get RID OF IT. Better yet, donate it to someone else. Yes, you had your good times wearing it but if you've lost that lovin' feeling, it's only going to remind you how much you have nothing to wear. Ditch it.  

5. You've Got Too Much Stuff
I love having tons, and tons, of clothes just as much as you do, but, if you're not a millionaire, chances are you're holding onto these clothes for the wrong reasons.  Get in there, figure out what's working for you and purge what is not. 

I hope you enjoyed the 5 Signs Your Wardrobe is Blah.  Please cast your vote and tell me which sign resonated with you.  Have a wonderful week, Fashionista!

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