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Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Simple Ways to Save Half Off Anywhere

Ok, so, a few days ago I was 'window' shopping at Charlotte Russe's online store and came across this fantastic career outfit. It struck me as very chic, funky yet classy. I knew I had to have it so, in the name of research I applied my tactical shopping skills to find a way to buy it for less. Let me tell ya, I saved tons of money shopping just by implementing these two simple techniques.  

First things much does my desired outfit cost?

5. Shoes.......Out of Stock :(
TOTAL: $85 + Tax!

I definitely did not want to pay $85-$90 for just a couple of items.  My next action step?

Check what's in my closet....I checked my closet for jackets, jewelry and skirts that could resemble this outfit. Maybe I had a white chunky necklace I had forgotten about. Or perhaps I have a pair of heels in cream? To my surprise I found a white short-sleeve, three-button blazer! {Sahhh-weeet, I just saved $32!} Andddd, I found a pair of cream pumps, almost identical to the pair in the picture! Awesome!! 

Now....all I need is a white pencil skirt, sequin tank, and gold necklace. 

Check for Salessss! After completly searching my closet, I remembered Charlotte Russe emailed me a couple of days ago, possibly regarding some sort of sale.  Remaining hopeful, I ran over to my computer to check my email.  Indeed, Charlotte Russe was having sale! To add to my excitement, my beloved sequin tank and necklace were among the many items I could buy at discount. {I highly recommend joining a retailer's list because they can save you big bucks!} 

Did I save? Let's do the math. After finding alternate pieces from my closet and applying discounts to my purchase, how much did I really save? 

Sequin tank was on sale for $5 {instead of $18}
Necklace at $8 {instead of $12} 
White pencil skirt {full price} $23
Blazer (already owned) $0
Total: $36!!

I saved $49 on this outfit!!  {Happy Dance!!}

Bonus Tip... Rewear benefits will stretch your money farther! I swapped my pencil skirt for my favorite pair of dark denim jeans for perhaps, Happy Hour? A Date? Dancing?
The necklace will go with another fabulous dress; the top can pair with leggings; the blazer can match other trousers, and the skirt can go with many other blouses and jackets.  That's 6 additional outfits from these pieces! The possibilities are endless!

Now you know two simple ways to save half off anywhere! Use these tips when you're looking to maximize your money at any retail store. Remember to rewear what you have, capitalize on sales (yes, give out your email address to retailers- it pays off!), and remix your new clothes with what you already own to create more looks for work, weekend, evening or dates!  Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista! :)

Your Fashion Coach


  1. Awesome ideas! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Amanda!

    Thanks so much. Here's to never paying full price for your favorite outfit! ;)


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