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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tops: To Invest or Not?

Creating boundaries and respecting your money is clearly the road to take to achieve financial success.  If you establish this healthy habit early on, you can apply this same tactic to shop for new clothes. The perk? You'll get more stylish clothes for your money!  

One thing I learned quickly was how to utilize my extra money to buy work clothes that I can wear pretty often without anyone noticing.  How did I make it work? I figured out what items I should spend on and what items I shouldn't spend big money on. 

Rule #1: You should ALWAYS purchase TOPS at a low, low price.  Why?  Because tops are more like an accessory; they are seasoned and trend-based.  Which means you'll get tired of them quickly or they will go out of style.

Example: Say you purchase this super chic Banana Republic Georgette top for $59.50

Cute, right? It's pink, super feminine and a hot choice for work.  Well, no matter how cute you think this top is, there is always an 'expiration date' for a trendy top like this. Not to mention, you can always find one similar and at a lower price! AND, embellished tops, like this, get less wear time at the office.  

So, instead of investing your bucks in a trend based top, try finding one for less- like this top from Old Navy for only $19.99!

This top has the same feminine look, ruffles and embellishment that were featured on the Georgette top.  It looks cute! You will totally get your money's worth and tons of wear time before ruffle tanks go out of style.

One thing to remember about tops: Save your money when shopping for them because their style will lose appeal after a season, or trend has passed.  Our tastes evolve and change quickly, so it's best to spend the least amount of money on trend-based items, such as tops.   I hope this helps you save money and get the most out for your shopping trips! Was this helpful? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Your Fashion Coach

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