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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Top 3 Tips to Create a Quick Professional Outfit

How many times do you find yourself in this situation? You roll out of bed, 20 minutes past your alarm and BAM, you haven't a clue what to wear! Panic kicks in as you frantically throw everything out of your closet - which btw, makes for a huge mess to come home to; and still can't find a thing to wear. Have no fear! Here are my Top 3 tips to create a quick professional outfit when you're running late!

1. Locate Your Clean Basic Bottoms....What are basics bottoms? They are pencil skirts, trousers, or capri pants. Make sure you find one of them in any of these colors: Brown, Black, Gray, Pin Stripe, or White. If all of your basics have been worn, plug your iron in and quickly steam! Don't own an iron with a steam setting? Hang them in the bathroom while you shower. No time to shower? No worries! Hang them in the bathroom anyway. Turn the shower on to the hottest setting possible and let them steam while you eat breakfast.

2. Grab a solid or print top! All sleeve lengths work with any basic I listed above. Even t-shirts work for this occasion. Just make sure you wear a blazer or cardigan to dress it up more and/or to hide the logo. Plus layering looks more stylish!

3. Accessorize! Black heels work with EVERYTHING. Use them. Don't forget your jewelry, fashionista! Are you wearing a high neck top (like a t-shirt?) opt for hoop, dangly or chandelier earrings and a chunky bracelet. Note: chunky bracelets work with short sleeve tops, cardis or blazers.

Now, you've got my top 3 tips to create a quick and professional outfit when you're running late. Use them in case of another oversleeping emergency. Heck, print this out and post it on your closet door for if-and-when you're caught in a jam! That way all your bases are covered....just in case!

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Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Love the third tip especially - didn't know all the "rules" about what jewelery to wear with what.

  2. Hey Maryanne!

    It's a good rule of thumb for any stylish outfit. The goal is to keep it balanced and appealing to the eye. Overcrowding a high neck top with a chunky necklace would look distracting. That's why it's best to play up the areas that are bare- like your wrists and ears.

    Glad you liked my post! XO


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