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Monday, August 9, 2010

{Guest Blogger} 2010 Fall Fashion Trends!

Hello Fashionistas!

I am Nicole, writer and owner of Frills & Nylon {}. My blog is about all things luxury, fashion, music, art, and lifestyle. BUT, today I am going to write about how to look chic and glamorous without spending a grand. Now, what do you think? Are you ready to take some notes, fashionistas?

Fall is my favorite season {well, it's my second favorite season... winter is my first favorite season!} and I love love love the fashion that comes with the season - pea coats, denim, cardigans, long-sleeve v-necks, and BOOTS! I have researched on all things fashionable for fall fashion trends and I am going to share a few notes on this season's fall trends {oh, and it will last a lifetime - so there is no need to throw it out when spring comes along}.


This is for the city girls, or for those who want to look like a city girl. But what is so different about this "urban look?" It will bring out the warrior in you. You will feel chic AND powerful at the same time. Think of it as the new power outfit for the season.

This is great for the workplace and for a day/night out with the friends and family. You do not have to look like a you-know-what to look glam. You must be modest ladies, mini skirts and crop tops will get you nowhere! Now, I am climbing off my soapbox...
1. Charlotte Russe Long Sleeve A-Line Dress

2. Charlotte Russe Ruched Velvet Peep-Toe Booties {Going on Amanda's Shopping list!}

3. Charlotte Russe Solid Opaque Footed Tights

4. Charlotte Russe Owl Locket Necklace

5. Charlotte Russe Antique Rhinestone Bangle Set


It's gritty, leather-and-chains, and lumberjack loving! Oh & no flannel! This may not be great to wear outdoors exactly, but HEY at least you'll look like a nature kind of gal...(We LOVE that, N!)

1. Old Navy Cinched Zip-Front Jackets

2. Old Navy Roll-Up Camp Shirts

4. Old Navy Faux-Leather Short Ankle Boots

5. Old Navy Basic Leather Belts

Take these trends in stride, fashionistas! I hope you love them as much as I do.
Wasn't she great, ladies?! Thank you, Nicole for giving us the down-low of 2010 Fall Fashion Trends! Your picks are super fabulous! --->Fashionistas, now that Nicole equipped you with the lastest fall trends, it's time to go make Fall your most fashionable season!  Xo,

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