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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fashion Nostalgia

They say that men and women hold onto clothes/items that represent meaning and profound significance of a past event.  ''Clothing has a lot of symbolic meaning,'' points out Dr. Michael R. Solomon, the chairman of the marketing department at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., and the editor of ''The Psychology of Fashion'' (Lexington Books). ''Items take on an almost holy significance because they've become attached to events. You can't hold on to the event, but you can hold on to the tangible evidence of it.''

If my house were burning down and I were given one "fashion-save" that I couldn't bare to live without, I would chose my pearl necklace. Pearls aren't rare to come by. In fact, they are pretty affordable in comparison to diamonds. I choose to save them because of the event and symbolism they represent to me..

Three years ago, my husband took me to a fancy seafood restaurant on the water to celebrate our 2 year {dating} anniversary.  We had the best time tasting delicious crab, lobster and other appetizer mixes.  After dinner, we took a walk along the pier.  The sun had set and the waves were crashing beneath us.  We laughed while reminiscing the days of when we first started dating. The awkward moments, the first 'I love you' and all the fun and crazy dates in between. All the story-telling made for an enjoyable stroll down the pier.  Before we knew it, we came upon a beautiful jewelry store.  I saw the most beautiful string of pearls in the window display. I knew they were very expensive and didn't expect what was coming next.  My husband asked the store associate to bring them out for me to try on. I. Completely. Lit. Up.  Before I knew it, he leaned over to say they were mine! Can you imagine my surprise? I was totally in 'awe' to have my very first string of pearls from the man I loved. I was even happier to find out this visit was his secret plan all along.  So, on the day we got married I wore my string of pearls with the same glow as the first time he put them on me. I will always hold that special night close to my heart. <3

I think it's important to always remember those special events that made you smile and warmed your heart with love.  Those items are worth saving, moreso than some expensive designer what-have-you. Remember to keep the ones you love close and never forget how they've made your life better than it was before you met them. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Your Fashion Coach

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