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Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Simple Ways to Save Half Off Anywhere

Ok, so, a few days ago I was 'window' shopping at Charlotte Russe's online store and came across this fantastic career outfit. It struck me as very chic, funky yet classy. I knew I had to have it so, in the name of research I applied my tactical shopping skills to find a way to buy it for less. Let me tell ya, I saved tons of money shopping just by implementing these two simple techniques.  

First things much does my desired outfit cost?

5. Shoes.......Out of Stock :(
TOTAL: $85 + Tax!

I definitely did not want to pay $85-$90 for just a couple of items.  My next action step?

Check what's in my closet....I checked my closet for jackets, jewelry and skirts that could resemble this outfit. Maybe I had a white chunky necklace I had forgotten about. Or perhaps I have a pair of heels in cream? To my surprise I found a white short-sleeve, three-button blazer! {Sahhh-weeet, I just saved $32!} Andddd, I found a pair of cream pumps, almost identical to the pair in the picture! Awesome!! 

Now....all I need is a white pencil skirt, sequin tank, and gold necklace. 

Check for Salessss! After completly searching my closet, I remembered Charlotte Russe emailed me a couple of days ago, possibly regarding some sort of sale.  Remaining hopeful, I ran over to my computer to check my email.  Indeed, Charlotte Russe was having sale! To add to my excitement, my beloved sequin tank and necklace were among the many items I could buy at discount. {I highly recommend joining a retailer's list because they can save you big bucks!} 

Did I save? Let's do the math. After finding alternate pieces from my closet and applying discounts to my purchase, how much did I really save? 

Sequin tank was on sale for $5 {instead of $18}
Necklace at $8 {instead of $12} 
White pencil skirt {full price} $23
Blazer (already owned) $0
Total: $36!!

I saved $49 on this outfit!!  {Happy Dance!!}

Bonus Tip... Rewear benefits will stretch your money farther! I swapped my pencil skirt for my favorite pair of dark denim jeans for perhaps, Happy Hour? A Date? Dancing?
The necklace will go with another fabulous dress; the top can pair with leggings; the blazer can match other trousers, and the skirt can go with many other blouses and jackets.  That's 6 additional outfits from these pieces! The possibilities are endless!

Now you know two simple ways to save half off anywhere! Use these tips when you're looking to maximize your money at any retail store. Remember to rewear what you have, capitalize on sales (yes, give out your email address to retailers- it pays off!), and remix your new clothes with what you already own to create more looks for work, weekend, evening or dates!  Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista! :)

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fashion Nostalgia

They say that men and women hold onto clothes/items that represent meaning and profound significance of a past event.  ''Clothing has a lot of symbolic meaning,'' points out Dr. Michael R. Solomon, the chairman of the marketing department at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., and the editor of ''The Psychology of Fashion'' (Lexington Books). ''Items take on an almost holy significance because they've become attached to events. You can't hold on to the event, but you can hold on to the tangible evidence of it.''

If my house were burning down and I were given one "fashion-save" that I couldn't bare to live without, I would chose my pearl necklace. Pearls aren't rare to come by. In fact, they are pretty affordable in comparison to diamonds. I choose to save them because of the event and symbolism they represent to me..

Three years ago, my husband took me to a fancy seafood restaurant on the water to celebrate our 2 year {dating} anniversary.  We had the best time tasting delicious crab, lobster and other appetizer mixes.  After dinner, we took a walk along the pier.  The sun had set and the waves were crashing beneath us.  We laughed while reminiscing the days of when we first started dating. The awkward moments, the first 'I love you' and all the fun and crazy dates in between. All the story-telling made for an enjoyable stroll down the pier.  Before we knew it, we came upon a beautiful jewelry store.  I saw the most beautiful string of pearls in the window display. I knew they were very expensive and didn't expect what was coming next.  My husband asked the store associate to bring them out for me to try on. I. Completely. Lit. Up.  Before I knew it, he leaned over to say they were mine! Can you imagine my surprise? I was totally in 'awe' to have my very first string of pearls from the man I loved. I was even happier to find out this visit was his secret plan all along.  So, on the day we got married I wore my string of pearls with the same glow as the first time he put them on me. I will always hold that special night close to my heart. <3

I think it's important to always remember those special events that made you smile and warmed your heart with love.  Those items are worth saving, moreso than some expensive designer what-have-you. Remember to keep the ones you love close and never forget how they've made your life better than it was before you met them. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tops: To Invest or Not?

Creating boundaries and respecting your money is clearly the road to take to achieve financial success.  If you establish this healthy habit early on, you can apply this same tactic to shop for new clothes. The perk? You'll get more stylish clothes for your money!  

One thing I learned quickly was how to utilize my extra money to buy work clothes that I can wear pretty often without anyone noticing.  How did I make it work? I figured out what items I should spend on and what items I shouldn't spend big money on. 

Rule #1: You should ALWAYS purchase TOPS at a low, low price.  Why?  Because tops are more like an accessory; they are seasoned and trend-based.  Which means you'll get tired of them quickly or they will go out of style.

Example: Say you purchase this super chic Banana Republic Georgette top for $59.50

Cute, right? It's pink, super feminine and a hot choice for work.  Well, no matter how cute you think this top is, there is always an 'expiration date' for a trendy top like this. Not to mention, you can always find one similar and at a lower price! AND, embellished tops, like this, get less wear time at the office.  

So, instead of investing your bucks in a trend based top, try finding one for less- like this top from Old Navy for only $19.99!

This top has the same feminine look, ruffles and embellishment that were featured on the Georgette top.  It looks cute! You will totally get your money's worth and tons of wear time before ruffle tanks go out of style.

One thing to remember about tops: Save your money when shopping for them because their style will lose appeal after a season, or trend has passed.  Our tastes evolve and change quickly, so it's best to spend the least amount of money on trend-based items, such as tops.   I hope this helps you save money and get the most out for your shopping trips! Was this helpful? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 9, 2010

{Guest Blogger} 2010 Fall Fashion Trends!

Hello Fashionistas!

I am Nicole, writer and owner of Frills & Nylon {}. My blog is about all things luxury, fashion, music, art, and lifestyle. BUT, today I am going to write about how to look chic and glamorous without spending a grand. Now, what do you think? Are you ready to take some notes, fashionistas?

Fall is my favorite season {well, it's my second favorite season... winter is my first favorite season!} and I love love love the fashion that comes with the season - pea coats, denim, cardigans, long-sleeve v-necks, and BOOTS! I have researched on all things fashionable for fall fashion trends and I am going to share a few notes on this season's fall trends {oh, and it will last a lifetime - so there is no need to throw it out when spring comes along}.


This is for the city girls, or for those who want to look like a city girl. But what is so different about this "urban look?" It will bring out the warrior in you. You will feel chic AND powerful at the same time. Think of it as the new power outfit for the season.

This is great for the workplace and for a day/night out with the friends and family. You do not have to look like a you-know-what to look glam. You must be modest ladies, mini skirts and crop tops will get you nowhere! Now, I am climbing off my soapbox...
1. Charlotte Russe Long Sleeve A-Line Dress

2. Charlotte Russe Ruched Velvet Peep-Toe Booties {Going on Amanda's Shopping list!}

3. Charlotte Russe Solid Opaque Footed Tights

4. Charlotte Russe Owl Locket Necklace

5. Charlotte Russe Antique Rhinestone Bangle Set


It's gritty, leather-and-chains, and lumberjack loving! Oh & no flannel! This may not be great to wear outdoors exactly, but HEY at least you'll look like a nature kind of gal...(We LOVE that, N!)

1. Old Navy Cinched Zip-Front Jackets

2. Old Navy Roll-Up Camp Shirts

4. Old Navy Faux-Leather Short Ankle Boots

5. Old Navy Basic Leather Belts

Take these trends in stride, fashionistas! I hope you love them as much as I do.
Wasn't she great, ladies?! Thank you, Nicole for giving us the down-low of 2010 Fall Fashion Trends! Your picks are super fabulous! --->Fashionistas, now that Nicole equipped you with the lastest fall trends, it's time to go make Fall your most fashionable season!  Xo,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Name & New Service!

Hello Fashionista!

A few days ago I had a hunch to change my blog name from FASHIONISTA ON A DIME to THE FASHIONISTA COACH. I am thrilled because of the significance (which I'll explain below!), but I'm concerned that it might cause some confusion. So let me explain what will remain the same and what is new.

Basically, everything I've done before WILL remain the same. Oh, yes, I will still work my hinney off to share valuable fashion tips, current retail sales tips, styling tricks that work for your figure, outfit deals that are super low price, deal of the day, weekly poll to share your perspective on weekly topics, and motivational quotes to inspire you daily!

You're probably saying: "So, what's new?" Well, I'd like to announce that I am turning my passion into a personalized service, just for you. Yes! I am now offering Fashion Coaching services to help you look your best!

What is Fashion Coaching? Well, you know how much I love helping you find the right outfit, color, accessories at the right price? As your Fashion Coach, I will be your wing-woman to help you solve your personal fashion dilemmas. I want to help you reach your goals!

This is open for you even if you live outside Southern California. We can accomplish your fashion goals via webcam. My packages will be posted soon. For now, if you're interested in a free 30 minute consultation, please email me at

So as of today, my blog is now called The Fashionista Coach to reflect my new service addition to my blog! I really hope I cleared up all of your questions. However, please don't hesitate to reach out if I didn't cover something.
Wishing you a fashionable day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Top 3 Tips to Create a Quick Professional Outfit

How many times do you find yourself in this situation? You roll out of bed, 20 minutes past your alarm and BAM, you haven't a clue what to wear! Panic kicks in as you frantically throw everything out of your closet - which btw, makes for a huge mess to come home to; and still can't find a thing to wear. Have no fear! Here are my Top 3 tips to create a quick professional outfit when you're running late!

1. Locate Your Clean Basic Bottoms....What are basics bottoms? They are pencil skirts, trousers, or capri pants. Make sure you find one of them in any of these colors: Brown, Black, Gray, Pin Stripe, or White. If all of your basics have been worn, plug your iron in and quickly steam! Don't own an iron with a steam setting? Hang them in the bathroom while you shower. No time to shower? No worries! Hang them in the bathroom anyway. Turn the shower on to the hottest setting possible and let them steam while you eat breakfast.

2. Grab a solid or print top! All sleeve lengths work with any basic I listed above. Even t-shirts work for this occasion. Just make sure you wear a blazer or cardigan to dress it up more and/or to hide the logo. Plus layering looks more stylish!

3. Accessorize! Black heels work with EVERYTHING. Use them. Don't forget your jewelry, fashionista! Are you wearing a high neck top (like a t-shirt?) opt for hoop, dangly or chandelier earrings and a chunky bracelet. Note: chunky bracelets work with short sleeve tops, cardis or blazers.

Now, you've got my top 3 tips to create a quick and professional outfit when you're running late. Use them in case of another oversleeping emergency. Heck, print this out and post it on your closet door for if-and-when you're caught in a jam! That way all your bases are covered....just in case!

Remember to cast your vote for this weeks' poll.


Your Fashion Coach

Image courtesy of The Watercooler Blog
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