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Monday, July 12, 2010

Breezy Summer 'Do

Maybe I'm not the only one...but, lately, my hair has been so fussy this summer. If I leave it down it will go flat (I've been blessed with 'fine' hair) or I break out in hot flashes. So, naturally you'd think a ponytail is the solution, right?  

                                                ....Not so much!!...

That's when I began my search for a fabulous breezy summer 'do that doesn't cost a dime; is easy to do- while using products you and I already own.

                        Here's what I found, tried and loved!

The Side-Braid!

Super easy, super simple and super chic!
All you have to do is this....
1. Apply a golfball size of extra hold mousse to dry hair.
2. Gather your hair and braid behind one of your ears.
3. Secure it with a rubberband of your choice.
~And, you're done!!~

What do you think of this breezy summer 'do?
Make sure you let me know which hair 'do you're prone to wear! Vote in the right hand corner!
Have a beautiful day! ♥


  1. I've been looking for a great alternative to my usual ponytail in the summer! Love this.

  2. Hi Kim!

    I'm so glad you liked this idea! Side-braids are super easy, fast and stylish to wear- especially for Summer. Stay tuned, I'll be featuring more hairstyles for you!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leavin' some love! Loves it!! Btw, I saw that pic of Jessica Alba, thought it was you and thought, "Sheesh...what a hot blogger!" LOL! I'm sure you look WAY prettier than that in person though ;-)

  4. Hey Lady!

    That's hilarious! I wish I was as hot as Jessica Alba! Heheh I'm thrilled you stopped by- thank you for showin' the love! XO

  5. I love side braids when they are really fluffed up and a little messy.
    You also might want to look at this hairdo that I blogged about a few days ago. It's very unique, and simple, and people always want to know how I did it. Also, it only takes one bobby pin. :)

  6. Hi Corner Girl!

    Yes! I love a fluffed and messy braid. Something about adding those two elements into your braid makes it more grown up. I love your tutorial btw! <3


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