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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's The Best Swimsuit for You?

I realize this is coming a little late in the game since we're almost done with July and headed towards August.  However, I know some of you are sitting on the sidelines because you're not sure which swimsuit would look great on your figure. Seriously, who can blame you? There are more swimsuits (cuts, types, fabrics, prints, and patterns) to cover planet earth! No worries, we'll figure it out together!

Fit, Fit, Fit! I want to set aside cost for a minute and focus on swimsuit shapes and who they actually work for. It might seem strange to focus on fit over cost, but, let me remind you that fabulous fitting clothes save you money in the long run. You'll get the most wear out of them, and chances are a figure-flattering swimsuit will last more than one summer season- which, means you'll get your money's worth! Cha-ching!

So what's the best swimsuit for you? I found the best advice and compiled a simple easy, swimsuit guide to help you navigate the retail racks and locate the perfect swimsuit for your fabulous figure!

Challenge #1: Big Bust
Solution: Use a Banded Halter!
Avoid Triangle Tops They Don't Provide Support!


Challenge #2: The Tummy
Solution: Use a Tankini w/Pattern!
Avoid Solid Colors

-Option #2-

Sexy Patterned One-Piece w/Draping Around the Hips!


Challenge #3: Curvy Bottom Half & Rounded Hips
a.k.a Pear Shaped
Solution: Incorporate Flirty Tops & Casual Bottoms!
Avoid Boy Shorts & Detailed Bikini Bottoms

-Option #2-

Challenge #4: Small Bust
Solution: Use Bandeau Tops!
Avoid bikini tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit.
And Fashionista, if you have a big bust please skip this fit and read the solution for Challenege #1.

I hope you ladies enjoyed finding what's the best swimsuit for you! Now get out there and embrace your beauty and strut your stuff this Summer! You deserve it!

Hugs & Kisses,
Love your Fashion Coach!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Glamourous Red Lips Under $10

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." ~Gwyneth Paltrow

It has always been my beauty philosophy that every woman should possess one tube of red lipstick or lipgloss to glam up on the spot. As a kid I always saw beautiful actresses on tv wear it and so did my mother. Part of me wanted to embody that kind of beauty to make my mark into womanhood.

Now that I'm older and have quite a bit of makeup experience under my belt, I know how hard it is to find the right red lip and the right cost. So, I wanted to take the guess work out and narrow it down for you.  Here are 3 fabulous glosses from my store that will give you glamourous red lips under $10!

The shade you want is 'Fever.' Count on high shine, moisture and a cool spearmint kick. P.S. This picture shows TWO lip lacquers connected together with a "hook-up." The hook-up connector is free when you purchase two hook-up products.

Isn't the name so appropriate?! Gloss gorgeous really lives up to it's name. Redbook Magazine even thinks so! The best shades to achieve true 'Glamourous Red Lips' are Lolli and Bella. Oh, did I mention this gloss last for hours? It's a keeper!

This high-shine tinted gloss contains real fruit extract, so each shade has its own tantalizing juicy flavor. Your red shade of desire? Raspberry! You'll plump up your lips and your glamourous side with just a few bucks.

Are you ready to explore the glamourous world of red lips? It's so easy and fool-proof! Each shade selected above can go with ANY skin type. Feel rest assured that whichever gloss you choose will ultimately work for you. Stop by my online shop and pick up your perfect red gloss. I'll give you FREE Shipping too! Use code: WELCOME! Have a fabulous day, Fashionista! Remember to vote in this week's poll!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Breezy Summer 'Do

Maybe I'm not the only one...but, lately, my hair has been so fussy this summer. If I leave it down it will go flat (I've been blessed with 'fine' hair) or I break out in hot flashes. So, naturally you'd think a ponytail is the solution, right?  

                                                ....Not so much!!...

That's when I began my search for a fabulous breezy summer 'do that doesn't cost a dime; is easy to do- while using products you and I already own.

                        Here's what I found, tried and loved!

The Side-Braid!

Super easy, super simple and super chic!
All you have to do is this....
1. Apply a golfball size of extra hold mousse to dry hair.
2. Gather your hair and braid behind one of your ears.
3. Secure it with a rubberband of your choice.
~And, you're done!!~

What do you think of this breezy summer 'do?
Make sure you let me know which hair 'do you're prone to wear! Vote in the right hand corner!
Have a beautiful day! ♥

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer-Kissed Workwear

Black and white are the two most popular color combinations for work. Black is very professional and white is very chic. They're ALWAYS in fashion and will NEVER go out of style. Adding these two colors together make a dynamic and super professional outfit.

However, there is a downfall. Wearing this combo all Summer long makes chic very boring and a little dull. So, let's lighten up your workwear (maybe, show a little leg!) and unveil a Summer-kissed workwear outfit! Let me show you what I mean by "Summer-kissed"...

Old Navy Black & White Sundress $15

Get all dolled up in the season's cutest --and most comfortable--dress! Lightweight cotton voile and a sexy cross-front silhouette make this beautiful and breezy for Summer! Dress Details: V-neckline with cross-front bodice Elasticized empire waist with soft gathers A-line skirt with on-seam pockets Hits just above knee and is available in solid colors, too!

This single breasted blazer has just a bit of stretch and lots of flair for Summer! Tailored to cinch at the waist, its sophisticated silhouette is enhanced with two flower print rosettes pinned to the lapel. Jacket Details: Button placket. Long sleeves. 2- Flap front pockets at the waist. Fully lined.

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite Summer color. What color do you see? I'm sure it's no surprise which color I saw-- Pink! No worries if you're not a 'pink' girl. Many shades work beautifully like: green, red, shades of blue and purple.

Coordinating your shoes with a bag is the easiest way to Summer-kiss your workwear. If you're wearing prints, make sure your accessories are solid. You don't want these two to conflict. The bottom line here: Add your favorite color accessory to your workwear! Play around with fun prints!

I hope you have a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Fashionable Friday at One Crafty Mommy!

Heeee-llo Fashionista! I'm a little behind in posting this - I appologize! However, I'd love for you to hop-on-over to One Crafty Mommy's blog for a little 4th of July outfit fun! Plus a bonus tip on how to wear prints and patterns to accentuate your lovely shape. ;)

Have a SAFE & Happy 4th of July! ♥

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