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Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Your Perfect Type of Handbag?

Here's a typical scenario...You've changed careers (or started a new one), changed roles in your life (single to married; career woman to full time mother), and your purse doesn't meet your storage needs and aesthetic appeal any longer. It's time to buy a new handbag! But not just ANY handbag. We want to discover what your perfect type of handbag is, so  here are the most common types...

1. Tote Bags. These are a type of handbag that are known to carry everything. They are used to hold numerous belongings that are too large for a purse. Often times they are seen carried by college students, business women and those who are always on the go. Tote bags are not only popular but casual and practical at the same time.

2. Hobo Handbags. Signature shape? Large and defined by a crescent shape. Designed to wear over the shoulder. They have a feminine style and design. Perfect choice for women who travel lightly.

3. Satchel Handbags. Common characteristics include one or sometimes two large straps to go over one shoulder and across the body. This style works for you if you're a busy career woman. This bag fulfills the need to carry important files, especially during company meetings, or if you need to bring paperwork home. Most students are also using these bags to help them carry their books, notebooks and other school supplies.

4. Messenger Bags. You'll know this bag when you see one long strap.  The purpose? Sits low on the body (usually your hip area) and is very flat so it won't budge.  This bag is the perfect companion for a day at the fair, the beach, hiking, or anything active. 
Take a messenger bag out for the evening by choosing a fancier fabric.

Now that we covered the different options, what's your perfect type of handbag? Consider your needs, style and budget. So, which handbag is perfect for you? I'd love to know! ♥ Make sure you cast your vote on this week's poll. Have a blissful day!

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