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Monday, June 14, 2010

My Outfit of the Day Reveals Something About Me

My Outfit of the Day!
Reveals Something About Me...♥

This morning I woke up and put together a fun outfit for the day. As I pulled together pieces from my closet, I mentally reviewed where I bought each piece from and how much it cost. (This is one of my quirky habits!) Wouldn't you know....this entire outfit is from Ann Taylor Loft?! Normally I wear pants from Abercrombie & Fitch mixed with a  top from my favorite boutique.  But, lately, I've worn clothes from LOFT.
Hmmm...I wonder what this means.....
So, here are the reason why I LOVE LOFT....
1. They are affordable...
2. 99% of what they sell will always be in style.
3. The HOT deals!
When I signed up for their newsletter they email sale updates, 2 for 1 deals, and awesome discounts!
4. LOFT credit card = Free $$
The amount charged on your LOFT CC earns points towards your next purchase. I usually don't spend more than I was planning to pay in cash.
So when the bill comes I already have the moola to pay it off.
Talk about saving while you spend! 
5. Most Appealing Accessories
I kid you not, if you ask the saleswoman at my local Ann Taylor Loft in Corona, what the first thing the 'fashion-crazed short blond' does when she walks in the store, she'd tell ya the same thing! (We're almost on a first-name LOFT's jewelry pieces are so beautiful, vibrant and unique that I can't help but feel like I struck gold every time I shop! =)  
So, I guess it's safe to say my outfit of the day reveals something about me: my favorite store! What does your outfits reveal about you? Your favorite store? Your love for a certain color? Your favorite feature? Whatever 'it' is, embrace it! Pssst...don't forget to cast your vote in this week's poll!
Have a wonderful day. Fashionista!


  1. really cute, clean, but still has a playful touch. :)

  2. Thank you, Orit! I love combining red, white & blue together- especially now that we're getting closer to Independence Day. =)

  3. super cute outfit amanda--thats totally something i would wear--and i never shop at anne taylor, but now I'm thinking i should ;)

  4. Hey Lady! You'd look super cute in ATL clothing. I love how their clothes withstand the test of time and seasons. XO :)

  5. love your outfit and glad to know a little more about you. I should totally check the Loft out - especially love that necklace!


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