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Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 5 Closet Organization Tips!

Last week I asked: "What Stops You From Cleaning Your Closet?" Before we get to the result let me explain the significance to this question...Purging old clothes from your closet allows room for you to grow into your fabulous new wardrobe. Imagine a livingroom full of old furniture- over-powering the room and probably a 'leetle' old. What do you think would happen if you bought a new loveseat and matched it to the old sofa and ottoman? Mis-match! Why? The fabric is different, the color and pattern are off and you end up having a living room full of mis-matched furniture! That's why you purchase new furniture together so they coordinate and have a cohesive look- much like your dream wardrobe!

Now for the results! The #1 reason stopping you from cleaning out your closet is....(drum roll, please) keep everything! Before you feel defeated let me tell you that you're not alone! Many, many women are in your shoes. But don't worry, you can overcome this little problem.

Before you apply these guidelines ask yourself: What is it about these clothes that make me want to keep them? Literally, ask this question while you go through every skirt, top, jean, pant, (even bras!) sweater, etc., etc. so you gain a clear picture as to why you want to keep it. This may sound silly, but really, ask yourself why, why, why until you reach an answer. For instance...."I'm keeping this sweatshirt because my husband bought for me in 1999.  I'm keeping these high-waist jeans because they're comfortable. I'm keeping this old sweatshirt because it's comfortable." Whatever the reason is, don't judge, just listen.

1.  Stick to a time-frame. Clothes that haven't been worn in the last 3 months needs to go- like, pronto! That's a sign that it's not functional, not that cute or doesn't fit like it used to. Clothes have a life cycle too! Donate it to a local charity for someone else to enjoy or toss it!

2. Seasonal Items Need to be Stored! This is the only exception to the rule. Keep heavy sweaters/jackets for next season but make sure they're stored on the top shelf of your closet or in an attic. You need all the room you can get for your new look! Short on space? Use vacuum sealed bags. They save tons of space and protect your clothes from dust and water. They cost anywhere between $13-$23. :)

3. Comfortable + Holes = Toss! This seems pretty obvious but you'd be surprised how many women keep clothes that have holes in them. One, because they're in inconspicious places like the under arm region; and two, they feel the garment is comfy.  If you own a garment with a hole in the underarm region imagine how embarassing it would be if your staff, colleagues, boss or clients caught it while you raised your arm. Yikes! Ditch the top now before you become a victim of this situation!

4.  Does the color do anything for you?  Stacy London's simplest rule of thumb is to choose colors that 1) de-emphasize the undertone in your skin, 2) contrast your hair color or 3) compliment your eyes. The two most common undertones of skin are pink and yellow. Colors with blue undertones are generally the most flattering because they can equally neutralize pink or yellow in the skin. If you have lots of pink undertone in your skin, stay away from pale or mid-tone pinks and tomato reds. They only increase the appearance of pink in your skin. If you have lots of yellow undertone in your skin, stay away from taupes, beiges or browns that match your skin color too closely. Don't be afraid to experiment with color.

5. Does it fit? Another simple question but the result will be the deciding factor. Try your top, pants, shorts or skirt on to see how it fits. If it's feeling tight, or too loose, toss or donate it! You want your new item to fit you perfectly so you can feel confident.

Were my top 5 closet organization tips helpful? I'd love to know what you think! I hope you start making way for your new wardrobe. You're totally worth it! Have a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach


  1. If I apply these 5 rules I'll have nothing left!! haha :) Great tips! XO Paula

  2. Hi Paula!

    It's just another valauble reason to go shopping! ;)


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