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Monday, May 24, 2010

4 Fashion Pearls of Wisdom

Last week was probably one of the most busiest weeks in my entrepreneurial life!  Two major events happened within a few days from each other: ONE: my first mark. trunk show (click to see pix!) -which took lots of networking, planning, scheming, creating, and energy to put together!- and TWO: South Bay Woman Magazine's "Women's Speaker Series." Both were fabulous and fun!  I gained buckets full of wisdom toward improving myself & business in order to help you, Fashionista, love yourself and know you are worth the effort in looking and feeling your best! 

One inspirational speaker in particular by the name of Margie Aliprandi taught everyone "How to Get What You Want" out of life. I found her wisdom not only beneficial in life but also towards building your unique and beautiful wardrobe.  So, here is my spin on Margie Aliprandi's speech: 4 fashion pearls of wisdom to uncover your fashionista! Take a look....

1. The first rule of thumb from Margie...."Decide what you want."
Very straightforward, however, let's be more specific. What kind of look do you want? Perhaps, you want to improve one particular area of your wardrobe...Professional? Social? Weekend-Wear? The more specific you are the better your results.

2. Craft a compelling vision!
I find it useful to collect outfit pix from a catalog or a magazine. Cut off the model's face so you can imagine yourself wearing those clothes. Put them into a notebook or on a vision board to review often.

3. Quiet the inner critic!
Our inner critic pops up in the most inconvenient times, like when we're trying on clothes or, worse, before we get to the store. Our inner critic will try to sabotage our success by telling us we are not worthy of something that we really want. Margie suggests interrupting your nay-sayer with "UNTIL NOW!" Since the mind is capable of re-training its response with positive trigger words, you can overcome your obstacles and get what you want! Example...I hate shopping..UNTIL NOW! I don't have time for this...UNTIL NOW! P.S. Pay attention to how you feel after saying your negative belief with a positive ending. Less tense, perhaps?=)  

4. Move into inspired action!
What action can you take in the next 24-48 hours? If money is stopping you- make a goal to save XX amount of dollars towards your favorite outfit. Instead of going out to dinner, opt for home-cooked meal and save the difference. With that being said, start the process of obtaining your perfect look and go shopping!

Thank you for reading 4 fashion pearls of wisdom to uncover your fashionista! You might also like: "Live Like Your Nail Color by Mary Foley"


  1. if I stay home and cook meal instead of going out for dinner it gives me less time with my beloved outfit :)

  2. Hi Loli,

    If you already have your special outfit then you can go out to dinner! ;) Love your blog btw- very chic. :)

  3. I love this blog especially #3 Quieting the inner critic.

    Great advice!

  4. Thank you! Point #3 has helped changed my perspective in challenging situations- like shopping. =)

  5. Hi Heather!

    Welcome to Fashionista On A Dime!
    Thank you so much <3 I love Little Miss Momma's blog. Lots of fun finds. :)


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