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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashionista Outfit Deal: Sizzling Summer!

Boy it's been a while since I've posted one of my Fashionista Outfit Deals! I've been busy trying out new things fo my blog and business.  But now it is time to pull a "cool" outfit for Summer! Check out my pick below on how to keep your look sizzling hot and your temperature cool.
Tank + White Denim Shorts + Bracelets + Ankle Strap Sandals = $50

Super-soft jersey, colorful stripes, curled edges: this easygoing tank is a must-have summer style ideal for the beach or your own backyard.

Scoop neckline.
Pick-stitched patch pocket at chest Striped styles vary by color.
Curled edges add a lived-in look.
Tag-free for added comfort.

Your favorite jeans get cut down to size for warmer weather! These cute denim shorts are cool in more ways than one, thanks to classic five-pocket style and a double-button waist.

 Double-button closure and zip fly.
Slant pockets and coin pocket in front patch pockets in back.
Enzyme-stone washed denim with added stretch.

Sexy ankle strap sandals are just the thing for all your warm-weather ensembles!

Thank you for checking out Fashionista Outfit Deal: Sizzling Summer! I hope you have a FUN & SAFE weekend!! Remember to check out Old Navy this weekend for some major sales for Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check out Little Miss Momma!

Hey Fashionista! Today I'm guest blogging at Little Miss Momma - come check out this fabulous blog!  Learn some great tips on how to pack up winter clothes and what to put on your shopping list for Summer! <3

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Monday, May 24, 2010

4 Fashion Pearls of Wisdom

Last week was probably one of the most busiest weeks in my entrepreneurial life!  Two major events happened within a few days from each other: ONE: my first mark. trunk show (click to see pix!) -which took lots of networking, planning, scheming, creating, and energy to put together!- and TWO: South Bay Woman Magazine's "Women's Speaker Series." Both were fabulous and fun!  I gained buckets full of wisdom toward improving myself & business in order to help you, Fashionista, love yourself and know you are worth the effort in looking and feeling your best! 

One inspirational speaker in particular by the name of Margie Aliprandi taught everyone "How to Get What You Want" out of life. I found her wisdom not only beneficial in life but also towards building your unique and beautiful wardrobe.  So, here is my spin on Margie Aliprandi's speech: 4 fashion pearls of wisdom to uncover your fashionista! Take a look....

1. The first rule of thumb from Margie...."Decide what you want."
Very straightforward, however, let's be more specific. What kind of look do you want? Perhaps, you want to improve one particular area of your wardrobe...Professional? Social? Weekend-Wear? The more specific you are the better your results.

2. Craft a compelling vision!
I find it useful to collect outfit pix from a catalog or a magazine. Cut off the model's face so you can imagine yourself wearing those clothes. Put them into a notebook or on a vision board to review often.

3. Quiet the inner critic!
Our inner critic pops up in the most inconvenient times, like when we're trying on clothes or, worse, before we get to the store. Our inner critic will try to sabotage our success by telling us we are not worthy of something that we really want. Margie suggests interrupting your nay-sayer with "UNTIL NOW!" Since the mind is capable of re-training its response with positive trigger words, you can overcome your obstacles and get what you want! Example...I hate shopping..UNTIL NOW! I don't have time for this...UNTIL NOW! P.S. Pay attention to how you feel after saying your negative belief with a positive ending. Less tense, perhaps?=)  

4. Move into inspired action!
What action can you take in the next 24-48 hours? If money is stopping you- make a goal to save XX amount of dollars towards your favorite outfit. Instead of going out to dinner, opt for home-cooked meal and save the difference. With that being said, start the process of obtaining your perfect look and go shopping!

Thank you for reading 4 fashion pearls of wisdom to uncover your fashionista! You might also like: "Live Like Your Nail Color by Mary Foley"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex & The City 2 Movie Package Winner!

Congratulations Lynnei!!

You and a friend get to see Sex & The City 2 next week! Enjoy drinks and popcorn on South Bay Woman Magazine!
I hope you have a fabulous time!
XoXo ♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

5 Work Shoes from Payless!

Hello Lovely Fashionistas!
Today I want to discuss the 5 work shoes from Payless you should have in your closet! Five shoes may sound like a lot of money if you're just starting to build your work wardrobe, but really, you can get them all for a steal! So many retailers out there discount their shoes dramatically and crank up the fashion value- like Payless. So, really, it works to our advantage ... :) 

1. The Black Pump

I consider black heels like icing on a birthday cake. You need icing on a cake to make a statement like "Happy Birthday!" just like you need black pumps to state: "I'm professional!" The wonderful thing about black heels is that they come in all sizes. Try on tons of heel heights and decide which is most comfortable to you. This particular heel is 2.5" high and it's less than $25!!!

2.  Summer Print

For goodness sakes have fun with your shoe color! I don't care if you're a lawyer, or you work in a serious business profession, you need color other than black or white in your wardrobe!  Look for flats or heels that have color or pattern to them. Then add a similar handbag and you are set!

3. Flats
 These black flats are classic and are the perfect addition to your power meeting! Consider this your go-to shoe when you need effortless professional style without compromising your comfort level. Honestly, don't buy into the mantra that you have to be in pain for your shoes to work it!

4.  Goes w/Anything Shoe

I can't tell you how many times a shoe like this came through for me! (I have a pair in black, but nude works just as well). Seriously, if you're wearing white pants or skirts with a light top, go for the nude! If you tend to wear more black with accent colors, buy the black pair.

5. Wedges

Typically wedges aren't known for being the most professional looking shoe. However, you can up the pro status by wearing your work essential like: blazer, pencil skirt, trousers, etc. to increase their professional value. Stick to solid colors - especially black. If your office is more lenient about dresscode opt for a softer color!   

Thank you for reading "5 Work Shoes from Payless!" Be sure to cast your vote for this weeks poll! Have a fabulous day!  You might also like: "Top 5 Closet Organization Tips" or Subscribe to my blog!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 5 Esty Spring Finds Under $50

Just last year a former co-worker introduced Esty to my fashion world.  I had no idea there was a site that allowed independent artists sell their masterpieces online! It's sort of like eBay meets Flea Market except better!  More and more, I'm finding real quality, affordable, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that are so on-trend! Here are my Top 5 Etsy Spring finds under $50...

Perfect for: Weekend: Day Parties, Day Date, or Shopping with the Girls.
Designer Description: Such a pretty and feminine print, this skirt could easily be worn to a tea party, or at the very least it makes you want to have an afternoon date with the ladies. The designer cut this lovely skirt from a full circle of soft cotton fabric. The 1" waistband is elastic for a very comfortable fit. I love the wonderful variety of colors: sky blue, fushia, pink, olive green, and creamy white.

Perfect for: Night Out on the town with the girls or with your guy.
Pair with dark denim skinny jeans and black patent heels.
Designer Description: Unique tank handmade using stretchy light mauve cotton knit. The tank is loose fitting through the torso with a tighter bottom band and a sexy racer-back. The designer also screenprinted my wing design with white paint onto the front.

Perfect for: Work, Date Night, Night Out on the Town, Party
Pair With: Trouser Pants, Denim Jeans, Capri Pants, Shorts, Flats, Heels, Embellished Sandals
Designer Description: These tanks are perfect for summer! Comfy, affordable, and fashionable- what more could you want? :) Convo me your size, and I will send you the colors available in your size and give you your flower color options. Once you decide on a color combination, I will create a reserved listing for you!

Perfect for: The BEACH!
Pairs with: Pull-Over Dress, Terry Cloth Shorts, Hoodie, Sandals, Terry Cloth Pants, Long Dress, Wedges.
 Designer Description: This bikini looks great on both large and small cup sizes, and the adjustable strings make it easy to wear for lots of body types. The cute ruffle details accentuate the bust, and create unexpected interest in an otherwise classic bikini design. This unlined bikini is very comfortable, and is just plain cute.  Sewn on an industrial binding chain-stitch machine, so it's extremely durable. Let's call it a size Medium.  Machine wash, hang to dry.

Perfect for: Work, Date Night, Lunch w/the Girls, Happy Hour
Pairs with: Anything!
Designer Description: This adjustable bracelet is made with rectangular and oval shaped gunmetal-backed acrylic jewels in hot pink and white! These faceted gems are in bright, matte colors!  Bracelet is adjustable from 6.5'' to 7.5'' with multiple rings at one end and closes with a lobster clasp :)

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Etsy Spring Finds Under $50! Did you like any of these? If so, I'd love to know which one you'd like in your wardrobe. =) I hope you have a fabulous day, Fashionista! Remember...Subscribe to Fashionista On A Dime today!  You might also like: "Fashionista's Shopping Tip!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sex & The City 2 Movie Package Giveaway!

Hello Fashionista!
I have a little surprise for you! South Bay Woman Magazine generously donated a Sex & The City 2 movie package giveaway for you and a friend! Here's what the package includes:

*2 Free Admission to Pacific Theatres
*2 Medium Soft Drinks
*1 Medium Popcorn

*This is way exciting!* To qualify for this giveaway you need to do 3 things...

1.Become a Fashionista On A Dime Facebook Fan  
2.  Subscribe to my blog - which requires you to fill out your name and email address. 
3. Leave a comment telling me who your favorite Sex & The City character is and why.

The deadline for this giveaway is Wednesday, May 19th! Make sure you complete the 3 things to enter to win you and your favorite person in the whole wide world tickets (with snacks) to see Sex & The City 2! Good Luck, Fashionista! In the meantime, pop on over to watch the newest trailer for Sex & The City 2!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 5 Closet Organization Tips!

Last week I asked: "What Stops You From Cleaning Your Closet?" Before we get to the result let me explain the significance to this question...Purging old clothes from your closet allows room for you to grow into your fabulous new wardrobe. Imagine a livingroom full of old furniture- over-powering the room and probably a 'leetle' old. What do you think would happen if you bought a new loveseat and matched it to the old sofa and ottoman? Mis-match! Why? The fabric is different, the color and pattern are off and you end up having a living room full of mis-matched furniture! That's why you purchase new furniture together so they coordinate and have a cohesive look- much like your dream wardrobe!

Now for the results! The #1 reason stopping you from cleaning out your closet is....(drum roll, please) keep everything! Before you feel defeated let me tell you that you're not alone! Many, many women are in your shoes. But don't worry, you can overcome this little problem.

Before you apply these guidelines ask yourself: What is it about these clothes that make me want to keep them? Literally, ask this question while you go through every skirt, top, jean, pant, (even bras!) sweater, etc., etc. so you gain a clear picture as to why you want to keep it. This may sound silly, but really, ask yourself why, why, why until you reach an answer. For instance...."I'm keeping this sweatshirt because my husband bought for me in 1999.  I'm keeping these high-waist jeans because they're comfortable. I'm keeping this old sweatshirt because it's comfortable." Whatever the reason is, don't judge, just listen.

1.  Stick to a time-frame. Clothes that haven't been worn in the last 3 months needs to go- like, pronto! That's a sign that it's not functional, not that cute or doesn't fit like it used to. Clothes have a life cycle too! Donate it to a local charity for someone else to enjoy or toss it!

2. Seasonal Items Need to be Stored! This is the only exception to the rule. Keep heavy sweaters/jackets for next season but make sure they're stored on the top shelf of your closet or in an attic. You need all the room you can get for your new look! Short on space? Use vacuum sealed bags. They save tons of space and protect your clothes from dust and water. They cost anywhere between $13-$23. :)

3. Comfortable + Holes = Toss! This seems pretty obvious but you'd be surprised how many women keep clothes that have holes in them. One, because they're in inconspicious places like the under arm region; and two, they feel the garment is comfy.  If you own a garment with a hole in the underarm region imagine how embarassing it would be if your staff, colleagues, boss or clients caught it while you raised your arm. Yikes! Ditch the top now before you become a victim of this situation!

4.  Does the color do anything for you?  Stacy London's simplest rule of thumb is to choose colors that 1) de-emphasize the undertone in your skin, 2) contrast your hair color or 3) compliment your eyes. The two most common undertones of skin are pink and yellow. Colors with blue undertones are generally the most flattering because they can equally neutralize pink or yellow in the skin. If you have lots of pink undertone in your skin, stay away from pale or mid-tone pinks and tomato reds. They only increase the appearance of pink in your skin. If you have lots of yellow undertone in your skin, stay away from taupes, beiges or browns that match your skin color too closely. Don't be afraid to experiment with color.

5. Does it fit? Another simple question but the result will be the deciding factor. Try your top, pants, shorts or skirt on to see how it fits. If it's feeling tight, or too loose, toss or donate it! You want your new item to fit you perfectly so you can feel confident.

Were my top 5 closet organization tips helpful? I'd love to know what you think! I hope you start making way for your new wardrobe. You're totally worth it! Have a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach
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