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Monday, April 12, 2010

"Live Like Your Nail Color" by Mary Foley

Live Like Your Nail Color Book
Last year I helped my mom out with her business. I did administrative tasks like checking her emails and so forth.  When I came across an email from Mary Foley about her new book called "Live Like Your Nail Color" I knew I had to get my un-polished fingernails on it!  Once I did, I was inspired more so than I thought.....Here are the 5 great lessons I learned after reading this book...

1. Naked Nails Means You're Authentic....
Just so we're on the same page: Naked nails don't mean neglected nails. They mean you care for them as any other manicurist would, but you skip on the polish. Mary says naked nails are the "mark of a modern, confident woman."

2. Manicuring = Remembering-Your-Successes Time 
While getting a professional (or DIY) manicure, Mary Foley suggests taking time to reflect upon one thing you've done recently that you feel good about. This is highly essential to all 'Super Women' out there who do a million things at once without stopping. Take a break and schedule "me" time.  Remember your good qualities- EVEN when it feels like they've left you. (If that's the case definitely do it SOONER! :)

3. Rule #1: Always Pick a Different Color
Ok, I'm a red and pink DIY manicure kind of girl. So when I read this rule I freaked out! But I learned something about myself that I hadn't realized before...

4. "We Women Are WAAAAY Too Uptight About Making Change & Taking Risks."
Ding! Ding! Ding! Me and change are not "two peas in a pod." Breaking out of my comfort zone causes me major frustration and discomfort. However, Mary Foley kindly reminded me that you become more comfortable with change every time you pick a different nail color- which is fabulous news for us comfort-zone Fashionistas!

5. If Your Nail Color Name Isn't Inspiring, Change It!
Holy Cow did I have a ball with this one. Mary inspires readers to change their polish names to something more exciting like "Make Mama Happy" or "I'm Gettin' Some Soon" Lmao! Now that's living like your nail color!! :)

P.S. Listen to my mom's radio show as she interviews with Mary Foley about "Live Like Your Nail Color"- it's full of great nail tips and encouragement.  Purchase "Live Like Your Nail Color" from Amazon today! Think about how you want to live and rename your nail color to inspire you to greatness!! You might also like: "Fashionista in the Country: Be True to You!"  PLEASE cast your vote on your favorite nail color that brings the very best out of you! Have a wonderful day! 


  1. You have no idea how many #4's I run into. I do it myself sometimes. Normally I wear pale pinks, this past week it's been VAMP and I looooooove it! Dark looks awesome on pale skin! Thanks for this article :)

  2. Good call! I'll have to add VAMP to my nail polish list! Thank you for reading XOXO! :)


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