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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flirty Aprons for Women!

Let's debunk all old myths about aprons serving as a symbol of a 1950's housewife. Modern Belief: Flirty aprons are meant for the everyday fashionable woman who is FEARLESS in the kitchen and loves to entertain. When I say fearless, I mean, you unleash your own level of culinary skills. That can range from exceptional microwavable skills to full-blown cooked meals from scratch. Wherever you fall on the culinary scale, you still need to safeguard your clothes and look FABULOUS at the same time!

I am very excited to be apart of Flirty Apron's for Women Affiliate program. They are just adorable, fun and really, flirty! You'll love their sweet patterns for every type of ocassion. This particular apron is fabulous for Spring entertaining. Yellow, soft accents and paisley flowers are just too cute with the sassy polka dot bow! **Ahhh, this is going on my shopping list!**

Purchase & Save!! Click the title beneath the photo to learn more about Flirty Aprons.  Keep in mind Mother's Day is coming up! These aprons would make great mom's day gifts! Here's a savings coupon for you to enjoy! Flirty Aprons Mother's Day 40% Off Sale!

P.s...Here I am rockin' my flirty apron that was a Bachelorette gift from my friend Shannon.   (Can you tell we were dressed up for a country bar? ;) Hehe. I hope you uncover your own Flirty Apron personality! Thank you for letting me introduce "Flirty Aprons for Women!" to you!  Do you like Aprons? Let me know by leaving a comment! You might also like my article on "Pencil Skirts"

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