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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New "Fashion" Beginnings...

Good Morning Fashionista,

Happy Wednesday to you. I hope you are all doing well. I appologize for skipping Monday's post, this week has been kind of crazy. My grandmother passed away and her funeral was yesterday. Tons of family members and friends came into town and helped my family in more ways than we could've ever expected. If you were one of those people, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In remeberance of my wonderful grandmother Susie Bates, the theme of this week is "new beginnings." Take time to think about how you'd like your new fashion beginning to start. Here's an article I wrote on how to purge your closet to get you started in the right direction. I hope you enjoy it.  Read "Out With the Old, In With the New" here! Afterwards remember to cast your vote!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Intro to Summer!

Today's Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Intro to Summer showcases a splash of color to get you excited for Summer 2010 as well! (Can you believe we're only two months away?) Let's get the party started with another fabulous Fashionista Outfit Deal under $50!

Dress + Scarf + Sandals + Handbag = $49*

Dress Details
*Available in solids & prints.
*Lightweight cotton voile
*Dress hits just above the knee

Scarf Details
*Soft Jersey Fabric

Tote Details..
Fit whatever you need in the nautical rope tote featuring a variety of nature graphics and tons of compartment space. Panel patch pockets on both sides of bag additional pocket patch in front. Roomy open compartment with interior snap button pockets. Take this to the beach or out for the day. It's a fun accessory to add to any outfit. More colors available.

Sandal Details..
The perfect compliment to any outfit from dark denim to a flirty floral skirt. More colors available.

*Bonus Summer Add-On & Brand New to My eBoutique:*

I hope you enjoyed today's Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Intro to Summer! Have a great weekend under the sun! Make sure to subscribe to Fashionista On A Dime today!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest Blogging @ One Crafty Mommy!

Hello Fashionista! Today I'm over at One Crafty Mommy's blog. Come join us for tips on how busy mom's can start putting themselves first by investing in their pj collection! Very easy and fun stuff. So, make sure you join us now!

We'll chat soon! Love you all <3

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hilary Duff in "Beauty & the Briefcase "

I couldn't get enough of Hilary Duff in "Beauty & the Briefcase" lastnight on ABC Family channel. She was hilarious and witty during her quest to become the next Cosmopolitan fashion writer. 

Hilary's character is a freelance fashion writer living in New York with a big city dream. When she gets the opportunity to chase it, she has to face a seemingly easy undercover task that ends up extremely complicated.  Wherever Duff's character goes she always in total Fashionista control! Everything she owns is stylish and hip. 

Duff's wardrobe secret?  A handful of colorful pencil skirts, feminine and flirty tops, adorable patterned dresses and accessories. What made her a true fashionista? She didn't drop one designer name! The message? We can rock fashionable attire without the hefty price tag! 

Here's how we can nab Hilary Duff's "Beauty & the Briefcase" style without going designer...1. Bold Colors Are Hot! Pick a color that matches your skin tone (if you're fair skin, go for darker more saturated color hues.  Darker skin tones; go for softer colors).. 2. Make Friends With Patterns! Designate 1 area to implement patterns and balance it with a solid. Figure out which part of your body can use a little attention. Do you have a smaller top half like me? Wear a patterned fluttery top! Then wear a solid skirt or trouser. Using patterns below? Balance it with a solid top. 3. Try a High-Waist Pencil Skirt! This look is lengthening and super slimming.  What an unbeatable combo!

Beauty & the Briefcase will appear again tonight on ABC Family 5:30pm PST.  I hope you enjoy the movie and make sure to cast your vote in this week's poll! Would you like to save time? Subscribe to Fashionista On A Dime today!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Plaid Trend Alert!

Fashionista*s Outfit Deal: Plaid Trend Alert!
Slip into this easy, comfortable and stylish outfit!
Plaid Top + Jeans + Sandals = $57.98

Plaid is EASY to Match with Clothes You Already Have!
*Add a jacket or hooded sweater for a fun and layered look...
*Add a cami beneathe for added warmth and style.
*Add your favorite denim wash (white, light, medium, or dark)
*Choose your favorite length...(capri denim pants, cropped or shorts)

My Favorite Denim to Pair with Plaids!
Why? Because distressed white denim is HOT this season and cool for warm Spring days. Distressed detail work adds character to your outfit. If that's not your style, choose a regular denim jean without distressing.

Pair an Easy Stylish Sandal with Plaids...
Plaid patterns are busy at top. Going too bold with a show below will make your outfit look unbalanced and crazy. Pick one area to add pattern (like at top with a plaid shirt) and keep everything else neutral.

Here are several celebrities rockin' this look  and looking ultra fabulous! You can add this simple style to your closet for an amazingly low price. Thank you for joining me in today's Fashionista*s Outfit Deal: Plaid Trend Alert! You might also like "How to Match Colors & Accessories In An Outfit"

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Live Like Your Nail Color" by Mary Foley

Live Like Your Nail Color Book
Last year I helped my mom out with her business. I did administrative tasks like checking her emails and so forth.  When I came across an email from Mary Foley about her new book called "Live Like Your Nail Color" I knew I had to get my un-polished fingernails on it!  Once I did, I was inspired more so than I thought.....Here are the 5 great lessons I learned after reading this book...

1. Naked Nails Means You're Authentic....
Just so we're on the same page: Naked nails don't mean neglected nails. They mean you care for them as any other manicurist would, but you skip on the polish. Mary says naked nails are the "mark of a modern, confident woman."

2. Manicuring = Remembering-Your-Successes Time 
While getting a professional (or DIY) manicure, Mary Foley suggests taking time to reflect upon one thing you've done recently that you feel good about. This is highly essential to all 'Super Women' out there who do a million things at once without stopping. Take a break and schedule "me" time.  Remember your good qualities- EVEN when it feels like they've left you. (If that's the case definitely do it SOONER! :)

3. Rule #1: Always Pick a Different Color
Ok, I'm a red and pink DIY manicure kind of girl. So when I read this rule I freaked out! But I learned something about myself that I hadn't realized before...

4. "We Women Are WAAAAY Too Uptight About Making Change & Taking Risks."
Ding! Ding! Ding! Me and change are not "two peas in a pod." Breaking out of my comfort zone causes me major frustration and discomfort. However, Mary Foley kindly reminded me that you become more comfortable with change every time you pick a different nail color- which is fabulous news for us comfort-zone Fashionistas!

5. If Your Nail Color Name Isn't Inspiring, Change It!
Holy Cow did I have a ball with this one. Mary inspires readers to change their polish names to something more exciting like "Make Mama Happy" or "I'm Gettin' Some Soon" Lmao! Now that's living like your nail color!! :)

P.S. Listen to my mom's radio show as she interviews with Mary Foley about "Live Like Your Nail Color"- it's full of great nail tips and encouragement.  Purchase "Live Like Your Nail Color" from Amazon today! Think about how you want to live and rename your nail color to inspire you to greatness!! You might also like: "Fashionista in the Country: Be True to You!"  PLEASE cast your vote on your favorite nail color that brings the very best out of you! Have a wonderful day! 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sex and The City #2 New Trailer!

Are you just as excited as I am about Sex and The City #2 new trailer as I am?! I've followed these ladies since the beginning. I remember staying up late in high school, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms watching Sex and The City episodes.

Although I wasn't quite in their "life" shoes as a teenager- I just loved the glitz and the glamour Carrie Bradshaw embodied.  Of course, I admired Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha's strong bond. But, I didn't fully appreciate how an Apple-tini + close girlfriends could be incredible therapy until I hit my twenties. These girls know how to live life in the "fab" lane. I'm proud to say I follow them religiously! (Yep, Cosmo is my bible, too!)

Only 47 more days until Sex and The City #2 hits theaters. I hope you check this movie out with your girlfriends...oh, and make sure you have an Apple-tini before you go! But please only have one if you're 21 and over. Be responsible, ladies! Also Subscribe to Fashionista On A Dime here!  You might also like "Flirty Aprons for Women."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glamour Mag & Lauren Conrad Are Showin' Love for mark!

Yep! It's true! Glamour Mag and Lauren Conrad are showin' love for mark. in May 2010 issue! Amy Nadine, Lauren Conrad's makeup artist, used mark. makeup for Glamour Magazine's May cover.  "Lauren wanted her signature fun, flirty, California-girl look- but a little bit more glam." says Amy.  Bravo Amy for a fabulous job! She looked gorg - as usual. :)

I love how easy and affordable Lauren Conrad's cover look is. Here's how you can snag her entire look for under $40 + Free Shipping

Achieve a healthy glow no matter what the weather looks like.  This oil-absorbing, pressed powder delivers a natural-looking bronze veil of color.  (Brush applicator included!)

Super-reflective, pearlized particles capture and reflect light for a luxe, glam effect.  100% of the proceeds go to mark.'s m.Powerment cause to help stop dating violence. You can help make a difference.

i-mark custom pick eye shadow is a mix and match super-fine, long wearing powder formula that makes a lasting impression.

This is my personal FAVORITE! It definitely beats Maybelline in price and quality- not to mention- it's a larger bottle- woohoo! (Love that!)

Define eyes with this easy-to-use twist-up pencil that goes on smoothly and lasts all day.  Makeup Artist Tip: Place eyeliner in-between lashes for a fuller lash look. Smooth the line out with your eyeliner (or eyeshadown brush!) for a finished look.

I love that Glamour mag and Lauren Conrad are showin' love for mark. I hope you enjoyed learning how to find a complete make-up look for an affordable price.  Do you like Lauren's look? I'd love to know your opinion! See who else is showin' love for mark! March 2010 Redbook Magazine is Showin' Love for mark! Also discover the top "5 Reasons to Meet mark."      

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flirty Aprons for Women!

Let's debunk all old myths about aprons serving as a symbol of a 1950's housewife. Modern Belief: Flirty aprons are meant for the everyday fashionable woman who is FEARLESS in the kitchen and loves to entertain. When I say fearless, I mean, you unleash your own level of culinary skills. That can range from exceptional microwavable skills to full-blown cooked meals from scratch. Wherever you fall on the culinary scale, you still need to safeguard your clothes and look FABULOUS at the same time!

I am very excited to be apart of Flirty Apron's for Women Affiliate program. They are just adorable, fun and really, flirty! You'll love their sweet patterns for every type of ocassion. This particular apron is fabulous for Spring entertaining. Yellow, soft accents and paisley flowers are just too cute with the sassy polka dot bow! **Ahhh, this is going on my shopping list!**

Purchase & Save!! Click the title beneath the photo to learn more about Flirty Aprons.  Keep in mind Mother's Day is coming up! These aprons would make great mom's day gifts! Here's a savings coupon for you to enjoy! Flirty Aprons Mother's Day 40% Off Sale!

P.s...Here I am rockin' my flirty apron that was a Bachelorette gift from my friend Shannon.   (Can you tell we were dressed up for a country bar? ;) Hehe. I hope you uncover your own Flirty Apron personality! Thank you for letting me introduce "Flirty Aprons for Women!" to you!  Do you like Aprons? Let me know by leaving a comment! You might also like my article on "Pencil Skirts"

Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Match Colors & Accessories in an Outfit!

Hello Fashionista*s! I thought of a wonderful new idea on how you can make the most of your evening ensemble! Take a peek at my video to learn how to match colors and accessories in an outfit!

5 Key Points to Remember

*Choose a dress and jacket combo that is a SOLID color.
*Add an opposite colored accessory to add pizzazz.
*Don't be afraid to choose accessories with shine and sparkle.
*Change up your accessory combinations for a different look.
*Email me your outfit combination!

Thank you for watching my video on "How to Match Colors & Accessories in an Outfit!" Please take a moment to cast your vote on which accessory combination you like most above! Find out what "Spring's "it" Accessory" is! Have a marvelous Monday! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Check Me Out Every Friday At...

Happy Friday Fashionista's! I wanted to drop in and invite you to check me out every Friday at One Crafty Mommy's blog where I help busy mom's break out of their clothing rut and uncover their own Fashionista. 

My good friend, Shannon is an excellent crafter who creates amazing goodies for your home and your little one on a budget. She makes it really simple and inexpensive to accomplish. I invite you all to check her out at! Enjoy your fabulous day and we'll chat soon! <33

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