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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring's "It" Accessory

I'll have to admit... the flower is one accessory that I don't wait until it's Spring's "it" accessory before I wear it again.  It's a year-round affair for me! Last Summer, I went to my good friend's birthday party.  Just before leaving, I saw my white budding flower pin giving me the eye.  I was like, shoot I haven't worn you in a while- let's take you out tonight! So I did. And you guessed it, I was the only person at the bar wearing a floral pin. [[LoL]] But hey, I loved it and I had a good time!  

What an appropriate time like Spring to bring back flower accessories! Yep, the flower is Spring's "It" accessory! Flowers are so colorful, soft and beautiful that it just accentuates your beauty. Personally, I feel more feminine with a touch of a flower accessory. I sparkle more, I smile more, I even stand a little taller when I'm wearing a pretty little pin. Talk about "flower power!"

I remember working at a corporate office when flowers blossomed on the scene.  I tried figuring out different ways to incorporate this little confidence-enhancer throughout the week without over-doing it. To my surprise, it was easy! :)

Here are some delightful  flower accessories to boost your mood at the office or anytime.  Just make it part of your wardrobe this Spring....or all year round!




As you can see, Spring's "it" accessory can be taken to many levels of fashion.  It can be worn as a pin on your top or blazer, it can grace your neckline, it can hold your wallet or money, it can go on your feet, ears or finger.  It's up to you to decide! How do you wear your "Flower Power?" Cast your vote up above! For more style inspirations go here!

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