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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Happy Hour!

Let's take off running to our next Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Happy Hour! Yes, if you're part of a company, most likely you will attend Happy Hour events to mix and mingle with colleagues, bosses and clients.  So to keep up our professional image from yesterday's Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Work-It. we'll want to introduce even more fun and flirty details to our outfit.  Let's transform our T-Shirt and Jeans into a fun image booster for these events. Here's what I gathered....

Jeans & T-Shirt


Detailed, structured jackets are great for transforming the t-shirt and jeans combo. The structure of this jacket is professional. The buttons give a professional touch as well. Even though Happy Hours are filled with work colleagues, bosses and clients, it doesn't mean you have to be super professional.  You can relax your look by adding your own flare, like ruffles. 

Do you ever have yucky self-esteem days? Throw pumps on! I swear it works. My mood improves 100%! Add this fabulous pair of open-toed pumps to your next happy hour and you'll feel happy yourself! :)

I love adding a little 'pop' of detail to my neckline - as long as I'm wearing a scoop neck, square neck, or v-neck top.   A necklace this large should be worn with small studded earrings to avoid jewelry conflict or imbalance.

Take your t-shirt and jeans out to Happy Hour and have some fun! Thank you for tuning into Fashionist'as Weekly Outfit Restyle- Happy Hour! Check out yesterday's Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Work It! to learn how you can make your t-shirt and jeans work-worthy.  For more fashionable makeover articles click here!

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