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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals!

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals!
Ok, Fashionistas...most of you have a pair of jeans that make all the guys turn their heads around to check you out, right? Excellent! Why not bump up your heater-meter with these gems?! Metallic sandals are like treats for your feet; like glossy nailpolish to your toes; like diamonds to your get me? They're hot! hot! hot! this season. 
My fav's under $15! 

Today's Fashionista Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals come in two colors: Gold & Silver.  Have your pick between "Notice-Me-Now" embellishment sandals (I highly recommend with a kick-ass pedicure) or I'm-Saavy-&-Simple style.  Whichever sandal best represents your taste and personality- go for it! Have a wonderful, Wednesday!
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