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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fashionista In The Country: Be True to You!

Stop me if I already told you my life story, but my husband and I moved 6 months ago to a good ole' country town to be near his job.  I miss my busy and crowded beach city where you're hop-skip-and-a-jump away from your favorite restaurants, beach spots, shops, friends, hang outs, and dance clubs.  But now that this fashionista is in the country- where space is abundant and Starbucks, boutiques, nightlife, and young couples are scarce- I'm learning that there are some serious pros and cons to this situation..... 

The pros rest in the obvious fact that it's beautiful and scenic place.  We've got tons of lush trees, green hills and scenic mountain views. It's very serene and peaceful.  Also, my husband and I have a beautiful home to start our married lives in. 

On the flipside, the way I dress makes me feel like I'm overdressed...all...of....the....time. Similar to Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde II. 
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People in my new town are more casual, probably because they value different things.  For instance, they own a mini-van, 2.5 kids, dogs, and endless household chores.  I -on the other hand- am starting my own business, waiting a while to start a family, have one kitty cat, and a Japanese luxury car.  I'm kind of opposite.....

But, you know what? Being who you are is what this world needs.  Author and Life Coach, Marie Forleo states in her outrageously funny and refreshing book: "Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!" states: "The world is in desperate need of irresistible women: women who are willing to be enthusiastic, alive, and expressive- regardless of the circumstance; women who are not afraid to tell their truth or speak up for what they believe in; women who feel at ease being intelligent, sensual and compassionate all at once; women who do not compete with, demean, or do battle against men (or other women) but who see everyone for who they really are- fellow human beings also in search of a great life, in search of love." 

Packing that advice in my clutch, I choose to keep standing out everyday.  I even wore my favorite turquoise/green sundress, white and yellow polka-dot J.Crew scarf, huge Tom Ford shades and white Ugg boots to grab the mail. 
Yeah, I probably looked a little too bright and shiny for a quick stroll to the mailbox, but why stop being who you are when you're shinning bright?

That's the driving force behind Fashionista On A Dime...being a shiny, bright star in your world.  There is nothing more gratifying then looking in the mirror to see the person you admire starring back at you.  So this is Fashionista in the country reminding you to be true to you! Catch more tips on how to be fashion saavy by reading more Fashionista Makeover tips! Have a super-fantastic week, Fashionista!

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