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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Happy Hour!

Let's take off running to our next Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Happy Hour! Yes, if you're part of a company, most likely you will attend Happy Hour events to mix and mingle with colleagues, bosses and clients.  So to keep up our professional image from yesterday's Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Work-It. we'll want to introduce even more fun and flirty details to our outfit.  Let's transform our T-Shirt and Jeans into a fun image booster for these events. Here's what I gathered....

Jeans & T-Shirt


Detailed, structured jackets are great for transforming the t-shirt and jeans combo. The structure of this jacket is professional. The buttons give a professional touch as well. Even though Happy Hours are filled with work colleagues, bosses and clients, it doesn't mean you have to be super professional.  You can relax your look by adding your own flare, like ruffles. 

Do you ever have yucky self-esteem days? Throw pumps on! I swear it works. My mood improves 100%! Add this fabulous pair of open-toed pumps to your next happy hour and you'll feel happy yourself! :)

I love adding a little 'pop' of detail to my neckline - as long as I'm wearing a scoop neck, square neck, or v-neck top.   A necklace this large should be worn with small studded earrings to avoid jewelry conflict or imbalance.

Take your t-shirt and jeans out to Happy Hour and have some fun! Thank you for tuning into Fashionist'as Weekly Outfit Restyle- Happy Hour! Check out yesterday's Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Work It! to learn how you can make your t-shirt and jeans work-worthy.  For more fashionable makeover articles click here!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle: Work-It!

Welcome to the first Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle! Based on the poll response, we will focus on restyling our beloved jeans and t-shirt look.  Today we'll take the jeans and t-shirt look to a professional level.  Some offices have casual Fridays and some of you are the boss! This is the look to incorporate....

::Jeans & T-Shirt::

This ballet-inspired scoop-neck tee will give you instant attitude. Supremely soft, stretchy cotton, cap sleeves and a flattering fit make this easy to dress up or down. - gathered scoop neckline cap sleeves tiered hemline.  This makes for a perfectly versatile shirt to wear as a basic in the office.

Dark-denim bootcut jeans are the best choice for the office because they harness the same qualities as black trouser pants. They add a polished and tailored look to your professional image because they frame heels nicely and they contour our shape fabulously! If you already own a pair of dark denim bootcut jeans- you go! If not, invest in a pair like these that will last forever. (P.S...I've had mine since 2007!)

::Work Elements::

What's exciting about this jacket is the fact that it's a waist minimizer and it has excellent detailing! The ribbon belt acts as a wasit highlighter because it draws the eye to the slimmest part of your body.  Cap sleeves are excellent for Spring weather so you can stay cool on warmer days.  This jacket is made of 100% cotton which means it's also comfortable.  But just wash it in cold water to avoid shrinkage! ;)

Ahhh, yes...the perfect and classic black pump! This is a must, must for my career ladies! Everything about this shoe says I'm a woman to be reckoned with! ;) Again, we're going for the classic, polished and professional look that every woman must have in the workplace.  Not to mention, this shoe will spruce up denim jeans in a heartbeat!

I highly recommend this delicious Arm Candy bag from mark.  It has more storage than what meets the eye and it adds to your sophisticated jeans & t-shirt work-look.  Details are especially important when dressing up jeans for work because it seperates you from casual and launches you into professional.  Example...imagine if you saw a woman carrying a canvas tote while wearing jeans. Would you think she was meeting a client? Or going to the office? Not exactly. That's why it's important to include simple and classic accesory to your jeans and t-shirt.

Bonus Jewelry Tip: With a detailed jacket like the one shown above, it's important to remember to keep your necklace and/or earrings simple.  Pendant necklaces and studded earrings go beautifully with your jeans & t-shirt 'work-it' look! 

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 2010 Redbook Magazine Showin' Love for mark.

My heart just skipped a beat....March 2010 Redbook Magazine is showin' love for mark. spring accessories! WOW!

To make your heart pitty-patter enjoy mark. spring accessories with FREE shipping! Are you a first time customer to my store? Enter: WELCOME at checkout. Re-shopping? Enter: SHIPFREE (offer good until the end of today). Shop today!

Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle

You're probably wondering what I mean by: "Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle." Or more specifically: Weekly Outfit Restyle." Good question.  An idea came to me while playing a game of Uno. (You never know when inspiration will strike!) Lightbulbs majorly sounded off so I thought I would give this a try...

Usually, every week I present several outfit deals for certain occasions.  I always tell you that it can be dressed up, more professional, or more casual. So I thought, why not show you ladies how to do that? We'll start with an outfit deal and restyle it with different accessories to achieve a different look for work, Happy Hour functions, date-nights, and relaxed weekend wear. 

To take it one step further, I invite you to email me a photo of a basic outfit you wear most, like jeans and a t-shirt, trousers and a blouse, a work dress, or even just a jacket and top: I'll show you how to liven  up and how many ways you can wear it. Your outfit will be featured on my blog.  I look forward to our first Fashionista's Weekly Outfit Restyle tomorrow! Remember to cast your vote for today's weekly poll: "Which Outfit Do You Wear Most?" I hope your Monday is wonderful! *If you liked this article you might also like: "Top 5 Reasons to Meet mark." and "2010 Oscars Taught Me Daring is Beautiful Too!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Picnic Date

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Picnic Date
This fabulous warm weather in Southern California inspired me to spruce up your wardrobe for a picnic date! Naturally, a sweet outfit is just the ticket... :) Enjoy <3
Dress + Scarf  + Bracelets = $53
PLUS match shoes you already own to this outfit!

 Free Shipping for this scarf! Checkout code: SHIPFREE offer ends 3/29/2010

Bonus Tip...As promised, I'm going to help you pick shoes from your closet to match your picnic date outfit. It may have been a while since you're last shoe shopping trip. That's ok! Go to your closet and pick out shoes that are neutral...browns, tans, or golds. Flats, sandals, flip flops (with fancier details) will work beautifully.  Open toe will relax the look of this dress while closed-toe will formalize it- either one will do. But if this is your FIRST DATE, let me advise this: the flatter the shoe the better. You'll save yourself from less-than graceful trips and grass-sinking tricks. ;)
 Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Picnic date is fun, easy and ultra saavy.   Have fun making your date swoon you pretty Fashionista! For more fashionable Spring shoes check out "Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals" and discover Spring's popular accessory "Spring's "It" Accessory"  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals!

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals!
Ok, Fashionistas...most of you have a pair of jeans that make all the guys turn their heads around to check you out, right? Excellent! Why not bump up your heater-meter with these gems?! Metallic sandals are like treats for your feet; like glossy nailpolish to your toes; like diamonds to your get me? They're hot! hot! hot! this season. 
My fav's under $15! 

Today's Fashionista Outfit Deal: Metallic Sandals come in two colors: Gold & Silver.  Have your pick between "Notice-Me-Now" embellishment sandals (I highly recommend with a kick-ass pedicure) or I'm-Saavy-&-Simple style.  Whichever sandal best represents your taste and personality- go for it! Have a wonderful, Wednesday!
For more tips on accessories check out these article's: 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring's "It" Accessory

I'll have to admit... the flower is one accessory that I don't wait until it's Spring's "it" accessory before I wear it again.  It's a year-round affair for me! Last Summer, I went to my good friend's birthday party.  Just before leaving, I saw my white budding flower pin giving me the eye.  I was like, shoot I haven't worn you in a while- let's take you out tonight! So I did. And you guessed it, I was the only person at the bar wearing a floral pin. [[LoL]] But hey, I loved it and I had a good time!  

What an appropriate time like Spring to bring back flower accessories! Yep, the flower is Spring's "It" accessory! Flowers are so colorful, soft and beautiful that it just accentuates your beauty. Personally, I feel more feminine with a touch of a flower accessory. I sparkle more, I smile more, I even stand a little taller when I'm wearing a pretty little pin. Talk about "flower power!"

I remember working at a corporate office when flowers blossomed on the scene.  I tried figuring out different ways to incorporate this little confidence-enhancer throughout the week without over-doing it. To my surprise, it was easy! :)

Here are some delightful  flower accessories to boost your mood at the office or anytime.  Just make it part of your wardrobe this Spring....or all year round!




As you can see, Spring's "it" accessory can be taken to many levels of fashion.  It can be worn as a pin on your top or blazer, it can grace your neckline, it can hold your wallet or money, it can go on your feet, ears or finger.  It's up to you to decide! How do you wear your "Flower Power?" Cast your vote up above! For more style inspirations go here!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Springing 4 Work!

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Springing for Work!
This look was inspired by my shopping trip this morning to Dos Lagos Shopping Promenade in Corona, California.  First stop- Ann Taylor Loft. I'm a huge fan of Ann Taylor Loft and I love their spring line of clothes. Pink, soft colors, flowers, pink jeweled necklaces, fabric flower belts, sashes...just about everything feminine in clothing bottled up in this one store! However, the prices are a little up there...So, I trotted down to Charlotte Russe and found the same look but for less money! Cha-ching! So, ladies, here is a sweet Spring, Soft & Feminine look for work!

*Beaded Earrings + Pink Tank w/Floral Applique + Trouser w/Sash = $50* Plus Bonus Accessories to Enhance Your Work Look!

Flower & Pearl Tank $14

Flower And Pearl Tank
Linen Trouser Sash $32

Linen Trouser With Sash
Double Row Beaded Wire Earrings $4

Double Row Beaded Wire Earrings
Bonus Accessories: Ashland Pink Floral Bag $14.99


mark. Vintage Bloom Ring $14

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Springing 4 Work is effortless and stylish.  Change up the sash on your trouser with another patterned scarf for a new look.  Pair your floral tank with jeans, shorts or a skirt for the weekend.  Enjoy your easy, soft & feminine outfit, Fashionista! Shop more Work-Wear items here!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Get Pinched on St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Fashionistas!
Remember: don't get pinched today -wear green! Don't just wear any old green...make it fun! Before heading to work stop by your nearest Target store and pick up these fun little accessories.  They're so inexpensive you can share them with your co-workers or your boss. Take them out tonight and bask in the festivities! Either way, today is for fun and games! Enjoy yourself and remember to stop by your nearest Target stores to pick these up!
Happy St. Patty's Day!

Green & White Shamrock Leis $9.99

Irish Clover Light-Up Rings $11.99
Shamrock Sunglasses $12.99

Georgene Ribbon Flip Flops $9.99

*An Irish Blessing for You!*

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way-
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

 Have fun today and remember - don't get pinched on St. Patty's Day!! For more St. Patty's day apparel go here to shop more flirty little deals!

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