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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey Fashionistas!

I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday!  Wow what a gorgeous, delightfully warm and sunny day in Southern California!  Even though the groundhog said winter is staying a while longer, Southern Calfornia has already experienced the beginning of spring...maybe even summer! *Cheers to that!*

Yesterday I enlightened you on the slimming effects and style benefits of belts.  Well, we can get the same advantage by highlighting the actual waist.  Take this dress for instance...(loving this print!) Old Navy's blue and white floral scoop neck dress has a seam at the waistline. By highlighting the waistline we look taller.  Both halves of our body are equally divided and because the dress naturally floats away from the body, it's balancing our figure. 

Try this cool little style trick: when adding a belt, use a similar color shoe as the color of the belt to make a bold statement.  (This collection was inspired by my sunny day ;)

1. Scoop Neck Blue & White Floral Print Dress

Old Navy
2. Yellow Double Buckle Belt
Buckle Waist Belt
Charlotte Russe
3. Suede Yellow Flats w/Floral Applique
Steve Madden
Pop quiz! Why did we use solid color accent pieces with the dress? Ding! To balance out print and pattern. [Oh, and we earned style points too!] Next time you're shopping, check out bold accent pieces and belts.  Try incorporating them in a balanced fashion. Remember you can rock your figure- at any size- by adding a belt! :]   


  1. I love this look! I can't wear a yellow dress, but a yellow belt and shoes would be that pop of color I love! XOXO

  2. Awesome, Patty! It's all about making it work for you, then you can work it, girl!! XoX


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