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Monday, February 8, 2010

Coach Affordable?

If you’re like me, you love a fantastic deal and expensive things too. My particular weakness is Coach. This Valentine’s Day, Coach launched a line of chic, fun and sophisticated handbags, wristlets and wallets. I can’t get enough of their candy-eyed vision! It’s hard to stick to my savings goal when they deliver a catalog to my house, email me the latest line of handbags, or call me for a personal showing. Ahhh…it’s my own fault, but hey! It’s ok. Coach can be affordable.

You’re probably saying: “Amanda, why are you talking about expensive handbags when you’re telling us to buy stuff on sale!?” Very good question. My answer might surprise you or even make you scratch your head a little, so here it goes.

While you’re constantly putting effort into saving bundles of money on your work-wear, shoes, casual-wear, etc., this opens you up to splurging on your favorite weakness…just a tiny bit.

I get it…if someone told me this a few years ago, I’d say, ‘Yeah right! You have to be rollin’ in the dough to enjoy the finer things in life.’- (Me: Finer Things in Life = Coach and expensive cars). But seriously, hear me out.

Balance is what makes this happen. Say you do like Coach but you’re in no way, shape or form to buy a $300 Coach bag. Of course not all at once. Take it in steps.

Feast your eyes on these super cute wristlets…


Here's how these fun, fresh and adorable Coach accessories become affordable...yes, affordable! 

Redirect regular purchases to splurge on your object of affection...Four of these wristlets are $48.00 and the heart wristlet is $58.00. Sometimes we have extra money lying around after we’ve paid our bills and saved X amount of dollars into our savings account. Maybe you’re planning to use the extra cash on something fun for yourself. Perhaps, you’re going to buy a cute printed pair of pumps as a fresh addition to your work wardrobe...which can cost about $60! Hold on sister...take that $60 and purchase a wristlet from Coach, instead!

Make a few cut backs...Make your coffee from home and quit your daily Starbucks coffee run. Let’s assume you buy Starbucks once a day 5x/ week at $4/cup. That, right there my friend, equals $20/week! Which means you saved double the money!

Every little bit counts towards your savings fund...Try saving $10 a week. Set up a little savings fund strictly for Coach purchases or any other indulgent item. If you start doing this, you’ll work your way up to bigger splurges…perhaps these super cute bags?! P.S. A little tip for you Coach lovers…When you start purchasing Coach- they’ll send you 25% off postcards- which will help you buy the big bags, baby! I can see your fashion high already!!

After all is said and done...remember to go after what you want, Fashionista. You deserve it!!  Thank you for reading "Coach Affordable?" Do you have a weakness you'd love to splurge on? I'd love to hear what it is! Have a wonderful week, ladies! ♥


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