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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashionista Belts: The New Clothing Jewelry!

Wide, skinny, brown, black, multi-colored, studded, plain, on the waist or in the loop holes... I’m talking about BELTS!! The fashion industry makes millions of belts to suit all occasions. Once upon a time, belts were used for one good old fashion reason: to hold up loose pants. Now-a-days, they are used merely as a fashion statement. They distinguish your style from trendy to classic. They even define your waistline.

If you wear a belt around your waist, it automatically draws the eye to the narrowest part of your body. An a-line shape is automatically created the moment you slip a nice blue/black/brown belt around your defined little waist. Who doesn’t want to look slimmer- or more balanced?!

I won’t stop there! Belts give us one more benefit: style! The reason why they stay in fashion all year round is due to how many shapes, sizes, styles and textures they come in. Think of belts the same as jewelry, like a necklace. They give extra pizzazz, texture, and color to any type of outfit.

Choose belts wisely.

My favorite way to wear a belt is with empire waist dresses. Rule of thumb in this case: wear it beneath the bust area. In the picture below, I wore a Hawaiian print dress with a brown belt. I chose a wide solid belt so it could keep up with the large print. Using a skinny belt might have worked but it wouldn’t have balanced with the large print. Balance is key.

Choose which one will catch the eye first. Are you wearing a printed dress? Pick a solid belt. Is your dress plain? Use a textured belt – or even a bold color. Think black dress and bright red belt.


Want to explore more ways to wear fashion belts? Click here! You'll find more ways to incorporate belts into your lovely wardrobe that work for you! As always have a wonderful day!


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