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Friday, February 26, 2010

2 My "50's Gang!"

Thank you Minday & Martha for your shout out this morning on Facebook!  I shopped for your Friday Night Outfit that can go to daytime and casual!

Old Navy Belted Wrap Cardigan for $26.99

Old Navy Womens Belted Wrap Cardigans

Wrap Yourself Up In The Irresistible Warmth Of This Classic Cardigan. A Sophisticated Wrap Silhouette Is Complemented With A Tie-belt And A Chunky Sweater Knit. - Wide Lapel Banded Kimono Sleeves Tie-belt On-seam Pockets Chunky Garter Stitch.

Old Navy Beaded Waterfall Necklace for $12.50

Old Navy Womens Beaded Waterfall Necklaces

Old Navy White Sweatheart Distressed Boot-Cut Jeans for $19.00 (Such a steal!)

Old Navy Womens The Sweetheart Distressed Boot-Cut Jeans

This Pair Combines Lived-in Distressed Detailing And Five-pocket Style With The Flattering Sweetheart Classic Rise. A Boot-cut Leg Completes The Look. - 2-button Closure And Zip Fly 5-pocket Styling Two-tone Topstitching Unique Distressed Detailing Embroidered Sweetheart Label At Back Waist For Added Comfort And Style!

Old Navy Womens Knotted Canvas Espadrilles

BONUS: Add these!! Old Navy's Knotted Canvas Espadrilles for $24.50  <3
This Is One Sweet Slip-on! Summer Just Wouldn't Be The Same Without This Knotted Canvas Espadrille Featuring A Canvas Strap, A Chic Wedge Heel And Rubber Bottoms For Traction. - Knotted Canvas Upper Strap Cushioned Canvas Foot Bed Jute Wedge Rubber Outsoles For Traction Approximately 3" Wedge.

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Friday Night Stripes!

Fashionista's Outfit Deal: Friday Night Stripes Under $35! ♥
Bonus Slimming & Stylish Trick at the bottom!

Striped Contrast Tube Dress for $29.99

Striped Contrast Tube Dress
Cute cotton bodice Sweetheart neckline with lining at the bust. Elastic waistband at the empire waist. Striped skirt with box pleats and shirring details. Built-in slip with tulle detail. Side zipper closure. -Size medium has a top-to-bottom hem length of 27".  Add wedges or black heels and you're ready for the spotlight, baby!

Belted Striped Dress for $32.99
Belted Striped Dress

Dress it up or dress it down, this Belted Striped Dress features a striped fabric, sweetheart neckline, patent belt at the contrast empire waist, shirring details, light padding through the bust, and an interior lining with tulle trim. Size medium has a top-to-bottom hem length of 28". Add red pumps and watch the boys swoon! ♥

Tie-Front Flutter Sleeve Dress $24.50

Old Navy Womens Tie-Front Flutter-Sleeve Dresses

Nice And Easy! This soft jersey dress moves effortlessly from casual to classic, with flutter sleeves, a drawstring tie-front belt and scoop neckline. Pair with boots or heels and a sweet jacket and you're ready to party in style!

Style Trick: Wear a cropped sweater or jacket with tube dresses.  In order to balance empire silhouette, you'll want the hem of your jacket to highlight the defining line of your waist.  It makes us appear taller and leaner. 
[[Of course if it's raining or snowing outside- please wear an overcoat with your entire ensemble! ]] Fashioista's Outfit Deal: Friday Night Stripes encourages you to have a stylish weekend, Fashionistas!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashionista's Outfit Deal Relocated!

**Ch-ch-changeess! **
Yes, it's true. Fashionista's 'Outfit Deal' has relocated! It will make a daily appearance in this section from now on.  I want you to feel like this is your closet to find something cute and stylish when you have nothing to wear.  You can track down an outfit, an accessory, a cute pair of heels you saw (and loved) days ago and buy it whenever is convenient for you.   Plus, I have more square footage to broadcast each item's fabulosity! :) Happy Shopping! ♥


A Vision of Spring Under $50! ♥

Click pictures to purchase awayy!

Green Flutter Sleeve Top for $14.99!

Old Navy Womens Flutter Sleeve Tops

Old Navy Floral Linen Skirt for $24.50!

Old Navy Womens Floral Linen-Blend Skirts
Don't Forget this lightweight linen-blend skirt for your next Getaway Vacation. With a fun floral print and a smocked elastic waistband, it's a destination in itself. - Smocked elasticized backwaist gathered back linen lined inside waistband.

Cheery Yellow Beaded Ring for $9.50!

Old Navy Womens Beaded-Cluster Rings

To Paraphrase A Certain Pop Diva, If You Like Your Outfit, You Should Put A Ring On It! This One Adds A Fun, Festive Feel To Any Ensemble, With A Cluster Of Colorful Beads And Embellished Flower Accents That Really Sing. - Gold-toned Metal Ring Topped With Clusters Of Colorful Beads And Embellished Flowers -One Size 1 Diameter


Winter Chic Under $55! ♥
Yesterday's 'Outfit of the Day'

mark. Multi-Chic Dress on SALE for $14.99!


3 Skinny Belts for $8.99!

Skinny Belt Trio

White Handbag for $30!


I'm thrilled to have Fashionista's Outfit Deal posted here so you can easily find and SHOP for these outfits at anytime! However, I cannot guarantee these items will last.  But rest assured you can locate Fashionista's Outfit Deal by going to my homepage and locating "Pearls of Wisdom" section. Click on "Boutique" or "Outfit of the Day" to find your outfit!  As always, have a wonderful week! <3

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dreams Do Come True!

We’ve been friends for two months now (to my newcomers- welcome!) I feel like sharing my most prized “big picture” dream with you. I’ve always been told dreams do come true when I was growing up.  Applying that to my life, I imagined being an owner of my very own women’s clothing boutique. I dreamt of how I would beautify my store with the most feminine fabrics, colors, paint, lighting and furniture. My customers would be showered with personalized attention, endless amounts of chocolates, beverages and affordable fashion-forward clothing.

My parents always encouraged me to 'dream big' and never let any obstacle keep me from living my dreams.  So when my husband was hired into a position that relocates every couple of years and enormous start-up costs of a boutique stared me in the face, I went back to the drawing board.  "Never fear" I thought to myself. "Keep an open mind and an open heart."  That was when my very good friend, Shannon, opened my eyes to blogging. “That’s it!” I thought. Blogging will allow me to create a positive, fun and fashionable environment to inspire you to make your fashion dreams come true. In fact, we can do this from the comfort of your own home or while you're at work, on a business trip, or anywhere else in the world.

So, on December 18, 2009, I ventured down my very own path with as much optimism and hope to start my fashion blog: Fashionista On A Dime. Taking the first step was quite challenging. Tons of limiting beliefs were trying their best to keep me small.  I'd have thoughts like..."What if I fall flat on my face? What if you didn't like what I shared?" Let me tell you, courage and support from your loved ones is so important! Thanks to my ever-loving husband, family and friends, I was able to push past the nonsense and make this happen. I often wonder what life would be like without taking this risk? Then I see how I would have missed the chance of a lifetime to meet you and inspire you to new heights of fashion.  I am so thankful for being apart of your lives. 

Do you have a dream you want to come true? Find one small step to make it happen. Just one. No matter how big or small. Just do it. You honestly never know what awaits you on the other side. Good quote to remember when you need that extra push.... "The biggest risk of all is riskless living." - Author Unknown.

So, this blog is dedicated to you Fashionistas out there wanting more from fashion and life! Take some time and enjoy yourself while you're here! You may notice some changes and rearrangements from the last time you visited. That’s just me growing into my dreams, applying new ideas to make our relationship more fun and rewarding. Please always remember that dreams do come true!  As always, I am here at if you'd like to share your story or have any questions, or comments.  I love hearing from you.  *If you’d like your daily fill of fashion fun and inspiration emailed to you, simply take me up on on this offer and join in on the fun here! I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey Fashionistas!

I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday!  Wow what a gorgeous, delightfully warm and sunny day in Southern California!  Even though the groundhog said winter is staying a while longer, Southern Calfornia has already experienced the beginning of spring...maybe even summer! *Cheers to that!*

Yesterday I enlightened you on the slimming effects and style benefits of belts.  Well, we can get the same advantage by highlighting the actual waist.  Take this dress for instance...(loving this print!) Old Navy's blue and white floral scoop neck dress has a seam at the waistline. By highlighting the waistline we look taller.  Both halves of our body are equally divided and because the dress naturally floats away from the body, it's balancing our figure. 

Try this cool little style trick: when adding a belt, use a similar color shoe as the color of the belt to make a bold statement.  (This collection was inspired by my sunny day ;)

1. Scoop Neck Blue & White Floral Print Dress

Old Navy
2. Yellow Double Buckle Belt
Buckle Waist Belt
Charlotte Russe
3. Suede Yellow Flats w/Floral Applique
Steve Madden
Pop quiz! Why did we use solid color accent pieces with the dress? Ding! To balance out print and pattern. [Oh, and we earned style points too!] Next time you're shopping, check out bold accent pieces and belts.  Try incorporating them in a balanced fashion. Remember you can rock your figure- at any size- by adding a belt! :]   

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashionista Belts: The New Clothing Jewelry!

Wide, skinny, brown, black, multi-colored, studded, plain, on the waist or in the loop holes... I’m talking about BELTS!! The fashion industry makes millions of belts to suit all occasions. Once upon a time, belts were used for one good old fashion reason: to hold up loose pants. Now-a-days, they are used merely as a fashion statement. They distinguish your style from trendy to classic. They even define your waistline.

If you wear a belt around your waist, it automatically draws the eye to the narrowest part of your body. An a-line shape is automatically created the moment you slip a nice blue/black/brown belt around your defined little waist. Who doesn’t want to look slimmer- or more balanced?!

I won’t stop there! Belts give us one more benefit: style! The reason why they stay in fashion all year round is due to how many shapes, sizes, styles and textures they come in. Think of belts the same as jewelry, like a necklace. They give extra pizzazz, texture, and color to any type of outfit.

Choose belts wisely.

My favorite way to wear a belt is with empire waist dresses. Rule of thumb in this case: wear it beneath the bust area. In the picture below, I wore a Hawaiian print dress with a brown belt. I chose a wide solid belt so it could keep up with the large print. Using a skinny belt might have worked but it wouldn’t have balanced with the large print. Balance is key.

Choose which one will catch the eye first. Are you wearing a printed dress? Pick a solid belt. Is your dress plain? Use a textured belt – or even a bold color. Think black dress and bright red belt.


Want to explore more ways to wear fashion belts? Click here! You'll find more ways to incorporate belts into your lovely wardrobe that work for you! As always have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Special = Free eBook!

Love icon Pictures, Images and Photos

In spirit of Valentine's Day week, I wanted to share this wonderful free eBook from a collaborative team of relationship bloggers. Together, this team came up with an amazing and refreshing guide to creating a happy and well balanced marriage.  [[This will work just as well for couples living together :]]

Take a break, kick up your heels and enjoy your read!

Read your free copy of Love Everyday NOW!  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Coach Affordable?

If you’re like me, you love a fantastic deal and expensive things too. My particular weakness is Coach. This Valentine’s Day, Coach launched a line of chic, fun and sophisticated handbags, wristlets and wallets. I can’t get enough of their candy-eyed vision! It’s hard to stick to my savings goal when they deliver a catalog to my house, email me the latest line of handbags, or call me for a personal showing. Ahhh…it’s my own fault, but hey! It’s ok. Coach can be affordable.

You’re probably saying: “Amanda, why are you talking about expensive handbags when you’re telling us to buy stuff on sale!?” Very good question. My answer might surprise you or even make you scratch your head a little, so here it goes.

While you’re constantly putting effort into saving bundles of money on your work-wear, shoes, casual-wear, etc., this opens you up to splurging on your favorite weakness…just a tiny bit.

I get it…if someone told me this a few years ago, I’d say, ‘Yeah right! You have to be rollin’ in the dough to enjoy the finer things in life.’- (Me: Finer Things in Life = Coach and expensive cars). But seriously, hear me out.

Balance is what makes this happen. Say you do like Coach but you’re in no way, shape or form to buy a $300 Coach bag. Of course not all at once. Take it in steps.

Feast your eyes on these super cute wristlets…


Here's how these fun, fresh and adorable Coach accessories become affordable...yes, affordable! 

Redirect regular purchases to splurge on your object of affection...Four of these wristlets are $48.00 and the heart wristlet is $58.00. Sometimes we have extra money lying around after we’ve paid our bills and saved X amount of dollars into our savings account. Maybe you’re planning to use the extra cash on something fun for yourself. Perhaps, you’re going to buy a cute printed pair of pumps as a fresh addition to your work wardrobe...which can cost about $60! Hold on sister...take that $60 and purchase a wristlet from Coach, instead!

Make a few cut backs...Make your coffee from home and quit your daily Starbucks coffee run. Let’s assume you buy Starbucks once a day 5x/ week at $4/cup. That, right there my friend, equals $20/week! Which means you saved double the money!

Every little bit counts towards your savings fund...Try saving $10 a week. Set up a little savings fund strictly for Coach purchases or any other indulgent item. If you start doing this, you’ll work your way up to bigger splurges…perhaps these super cute bags?! P.S. A little tip for you Coach lovers…When you start purchasing Coach- they’ll send you 25% off postcards- which will help you buy the big bags, baby! I can see your fashion high already!!

After all is said and done...remember to go after what you want, Fashionista. You deserve it!!  Thank you for reading "Coach Affordable?" Do you have a weakness you'd love to splurge on? I'd love to hear what it is! Have a wonderful week, ladies! ♥


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Pencil Skirt

Happy Monday, Fashionistas! Let’s kick off Monday by talking about my most favorite item in my closet: the pencil skirt! How did this wonderful creation start and evolve? Well, French designer Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirt back in the late 1940s, using the term H-line to describe its shape. It quickly became popular, particularly for office wear.

This success was due to women's desire for new fashions during World War II, coupled with the austere economic climate, when fabrics were expensive and full-skirted garments were seen as wasteful. In the 1980’s, it again became popular for business women as part of the "power suit" style of dressing, and has remained a popular mainstream fashion choice ever since.

The pencil skirt is such a classic fashion piece and a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. At first glance, it looks hectic to maneuver by its narrow shape, but it is effortless and downright feminine because of its small yet super significant design features like, pleats and back slits. Any woman who wears a pencil skirt on Monday will start her work week off on the right foot-guaranteed! (Maybe even get a promotion!)


Hayden Panettiere picked flawless pieces for her pencil skirt. I loved each choice and took the liberty of finding affordable look-a-like pieces for you to enjoy! (If you want to buy any of them, just click the picture to be directed)…♥

::Macy's Pencil Skirt for $29.99::

Option 1. White House Black Market Sleek Top for $39.99


Option 2. Forever 21 White Ruffled Sleeveless Top for $19.80


Option 3. Victoria's Secret Tube Top for $29.50


Option 3. Ann Taylor Loft Corsage Tee for $39.50 + 20% Off (Enter SPRING20 at Checkout)


Did you like any of these tops? If so, cast your vote now! If you have any qquestions about pencil skirt fashion- or what to wear with them- leave me a comment! Have a great week! ♥

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