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Monday, January 11, 2010

411 On Your Body Shape


Good Morning Ladies! How was your weekend? Mine was great! I spent time hanging with my husband while we worked on various home projects. In my downtime, I skimmed through my favorite fashion magazines and thought to myself, how does one get motivated to make a fashion enhancement to their wardrobe? With all of these ‘one-size-fits-all’ deals out there; especially with so many fashion tips and advice, it’s easy for a girl to get overwhelmed. The real question to open the doors to applying fashion deals to you is knowing the 411 on your body shape!

We went over how to purge your closet in December and gave you a shopping tip to try out as a way to kick your new year off on the right path. But I want to continue helping you uncover your inner fashionista with practical solutions to guide you along the way. While I wish I were there, in person, shopping with you, this little column will hopefully suffice.

Assuming you’ve cleared the clutter in your closet, (if you haven’t – email me!! I can help) we’re now going to discuss your shape. See, it is important to know your body shape in order to properly dress it to the nines! Let me just stop for a second and clear something up (because I know what you’re thinking!) you do not have to lose X amount of pounds before you can look fabulous! I’m serious! You’re well qualified to show off your best assets and work it, girl!

Shape is so much more than just your body weight. Take me for example. I am short (5’2”), petite, with wide shoulders and a blunt backside that makes me feel like Jennifer Lopez. I’ve spent many years despising my unbalanced figure. Tube tops accentuated my wide shoulders and I always was the shortest of my group of friends.  I prayed for 'just one more growth spirt' in middle school to take me to super-model height!!  One day (after realizing I wasn't going to grow anymore) I decided to put an end to the self-torture and experimented with clothes that focused on my assets. I embraced the good, the bad and the ugly. To my surprise, I found my niche in the fashion world.  I bought clothes that brought attention to my qualities and not my perceived negatives.

Through the torture of put-down messages we feed ourselves, we must stop and remember that we are blessed with incredible bodies! We just need to know how to dress them.  Really! Here are my favorite celebrities who wear clothes in oh-so flattering ways… Check them out and see if you can identify with their body types.

RULER (STRAIGHT SHAPE): Kelly Ripa is the typical short, petite-sweetie. Bold- even busy patterns work best on her because they give her frame volume. For women who are tiny...everywhere, extra details like fabric layering, sequins, detailed back pockets add a subtle sense of fullness.


FULL FIGURED: Jennifer Hudson is one hot full-figured mama! Her structured dress spotlights her tiny waistline. The top of this stunning dress keeps the girls in place and shaped. Also, having a fuller bottom half makes this a-line silhouette an instant sliming choice for Jennifer. We all know black is a great color for sliming, but it doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Adding delicate shimmer to the top and flirty fabric decals around the bust puts the focus on her top half and away from the fuller parts of Jennifer’s shape. A great way to have fun with the rules! ;)


APPLE: Apple shaped bodies has broader shoulders with a full bust and a full-undefined waist. Everything below the waist is more slender - usually with great legs and a flatter hinney. The key to dressing the Apple body shape is to create the illusion of a balanced body, while calling attention to the legs, hips and/or arms. Reese Witherspoon is a great example of this body type. Selecting a structured jacket like the one in the picture allows the focus to fall on the waistline and creating a more defined figure, which is what an apple shape needs. For added effect, a bold colored scarf draws your eye up to her face. A pleated skirt further defines the bottom half more so in a flattering sense because it’s flaring away from the body and bringing the focus to her legs!


PEAR: This shape means you carry most of your weight in the bottom part of your body (i.e. rear end, hips and thighs). What we need to do is play-up your upper body and give your lower body a slimmer sleeker look. We can do this by using color on your upper half, wide necklines, accentuate your waist and wear dark colors on the bottom. Jennifer Lopez is a classic pear-shape. Her dress works for her because it flows away from the body, taking the attention off her bottom half. An added benefit to this dress is this unusual neckline on her dress. This feature draws the eye up and brings the focus to her face, instead of her bottom half.


While there are many more shapes than the typical apple, pear, and full-figured, I wanted to cover the main points and start you off with the right problem-solving techniques. So, when you're in the dressing room trying on clothes, you'll know what features to get in order to focus on your assets.

Your Fun-Work: Now that we know the 411 on your body shape, take some time to identify your ‘assets’ and implement these guidelines/solutions on your next shopping trip! As always I am here to help you. Remember: There are solutions to every challenge! Want to know about your body shape and ways to enhance it? Swing by Fashionista Belts: The New Clothing Jewelry! You'll find more slimming body shape tips!

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