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Monday, January 25, 2010

Life Is Your Runway!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a fabulous movie! Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. What I like most about the movie is Audrey Hepburn. Her entire being was so enchanting. In my opinion, she was a ‘one-of-a-kind’ lady who marched to the beat of her own heart. How great would it be if we all lived life the way she did? Opened our heart to all the magnificence in the world. Imagine all the beauty you would find – not only around you, but also in yourself.

When I made the first step towards becoming a fashionista, I picked a collection of women who were the most fashionable to me. In high school, my top 3 was: Britney Spears, my cousin Kristi, and, honestly, I can’t remember the third…but! They inspired my style choices and images that I wanted to project to the world.

As I entered my 20’s (and the corporate world), my fashion icons changed. I wanted more classic, sophisticated, fun and timeless looks. Audrey Hepburn was the ‘it’ girl on my list, as was Lauren Conrad, and Stacey London. I just LOVED the way these women dressed. Their ages varied as did their specific quality in style, but I think that's the point.  Each style icon brings a unique trait to the fashion 'table' and it is up to you to adopt the quality or not.

It's important to have a ‘north star’ guiding you with your fashion change. How does one find a fashion icon of their own? You've gotta ask yourself a few basic questions..."What women inspire you? What do they wear? Are they conservative? Do they embrace bold colors? Maybe you like the way they wear flowers in their hair. Whatever strikes you; write it down, take a mental picture of all the details you admire most about their wardrobe. Then, make an effort to incorporate these qualities into your closet.

Your life is your runway…and you are the fashionista in charge of shinning brightly everyday, wherever you go. Why not look as stunning/hip/classy/bold as you want to be?

Audrey Hepburn’s style emits beauty no matter where she was and what she was doing. She was a true style icon who truly embodied what fashion and inner beauty are all about. I hope she inspires you, as she inspired me. :)

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