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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Accessorize!

Good Morning Fashionistas!….

Yes, yes, it’s Monday, again. But this Monday is extra special.  We're remembering one of the greatest men who changed the course of history in America: Martin Luther King, Jr.  In honor of his birthday, most of us have the day off and some of us are working.  For those of you working today, let's look on the bright side, we're pretty fortunate to have our jobs! They pay our bills, put a warm roof over our head and afford our basic needs. That's something to always remember and never take for granted. :) Now it's time....Let's Accessorize!!

Let’s talk FASHION!♥  Did anyone go shopping last weekend? If so, did you find the information I posted last Monday helpful? Hopefully you discovered your strengths and found clothes that show it off! Seriously, it's half the battle once you’ve got that down.

The next step you’ll want to think about in terms of upgrading your wardrobe is accessorizing. You’re a career-woman and just plain fabulous; I’m sure you have a great pair of black pants in your closet (or -on today), right? Perfect! Do you have a favorite top, too? (If your answer is no, check the ‘Deal of the Day’ for some great finds!)

Ok! The next step is taking your basic pair of pants and top to a whole new level!

My BASIC Outfit

My favorite scoop neck top and wide-leg trouser. :]

Now, what we want to do is emphasize this outfit with a jacket, blazer, purse, heels and jewelry. Jackets and blazers are pretty versatile because they’re so friggin’ cute and you can go from casual to professional based on the type you choose. You’re probably sensing a theme here, as I'm constantly blabbing about garments with dual functions.  What's the method to my maddness? You’ll get the most out of your purchase without spending big bucks!

I picked a couple of options from my closet to show you what kind of statements you can make with different accessories…




Let's accessorize you! How? Well, if you have a purse, a basic long necklace, solid top, and black pants, you can transform your work look in multiple ways, as I did above.  When you’re out shopping, pay attention to the different fits and shapes.  Switch up the fit of each garment to blossom and expand your look.  Make sure you check out sweaters- as they are work-appropriate too. Consider color, the length of sleeve, and embellishments. All of those elements will add pizzazz to your overall look. Remember to have fun; get creative and indulge yourself.  Want more tips on accessorizing your look? Take a peek at "Fashionable Ways to Wear a Scarf! "  Have a wonderful week!  XoXo♥


  1. Love the different options! Now I need to go through my closet and start accessorizing!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! There are lots of ways to take an ordinary outfit and make it one-of-a-kind! Have fun creating! Send pictures of what you come up with. :)


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