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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Guest Post} Bye, Bye 2010 Trends!

Hello Fashionistas! I am back for another guest post. Well, it’s been a great year in 2010 and I am anxiously waiting for 2011 (goodbye, college!). So, I think it is time to leave some fashion trends behind because I do not think 2011 could handle another year of these fashion duds (okay, so this is just my opinion).

Shredded Jeans

I am not a big fan of these jeans. I do not mind one tear or two. But one pant leg with a one big hole? What is the point of wearing pants then? You might as well go pants-less! If you still want a “holey” look for your jeans, go for something more vintage and worn. It has more of an off-color look than something disgusting like that picture below.

P.S. I do not care what your favorite celebrities are wearing, who named them queens of the fashion scene? Torn jeans are just not classy anymore!


Aren’t they like ultra-skinny jeans? I mean they look like it to me. My sister tried a pair of denim jeggings on – she couldn’t get them past her ankles. She is not too skinny and not too large – she has curves. I think the only people who can wear jeggings are skinny, skinny people – or if you want a pair of jeggings so badly, you have to customize it to make it fit your own body. OR you can just buy skinny jeans – genius, am I right?!

Guess which one is the jegging and which one is the skinny jean!

Oh and I do not like the word “jegging.” How about “denim leggings?” Sound good? OK!

BTW, Amanda the answer is: the left is the denim legging and the right is the skinny jean LOL (don’t tell anyone that yet!)

Plaid Shirts

I think this trend will never go away, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. I have to admit I do own one plaid shirt, but I wore it once and never again. Why? I saw a girl wearing the exact same shirt as me. Yes, I hid that shirt at the back of my closet. Plus it was $10 on sale, so it wasn’t a waste! I blame Hollywood for making this shirt popular (I love your restaurants but I do not love the people).

Motorcycle Boots

Maybe it’s the chunky platforms that bug me. I think the classic boot is more sophisticated and will last longer than the Harley Davidson-inspired boots. The classic boot can go with anything, but pairing the motorcycle boots with any outfit reminds me of the 90s.


You have a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet on. Isn’t that enough? I don’t think so! Some people add maybe three more necklaces, two rings, and maybe a couple of more bracelets. For me, the rules of accessorizing go like this: if you have a ring on, you can add more like a necklace, bracelet, OR earrings. If you have a necklace on, add a bracelet OR ring. If you have earrings on, wear a bracelet OR ring. If you have a bracelet on, you are free to wear a necklace, ring, OR earrings. UNLESS you are someone who is advertising or modeling the jewelry collection, accessorize as much as you want. For us street people, I think overdoing it with the “bling” or any jewelry is plain tacky.

Thank you, Nicole for the fabulous advice! I couldn't agree more with you! It's time to bring in the new trends for 2011...and KISS these old trends good bye...just like the year 2010!
Fashionista: Which trend are you excited to see go bye-bye with the year 2010? Cast your vote above! Have a WONDERFUL & SAFE NYE, pretty! We'll see you next year! {Muah!}

Monday, December 20, 2010

One BIG Secret to A Stylish Holiday Party!

Holiday Look!

Holiday Look! by FashionistaCoach featuring couture shoes
Good Morning Fashionista! We are in countdown to one of the biggest holidays of the season! I know many of you are probably throwing a holiday party and might be stressing out thinking how are you going to get everything done? Well, I was there just a bit ago thinking the same thing.  However, through the chaos, I discovered one BIG secret to a stylish holiday party that helped ease my tension! And can help you too!

The GOAL (And my story!) I wanted to look fabulous, I wanted my house to look fabulous and I wanted the food to be fabulous! It was almost like a perfection streak, I know, but aren't we supposed to aim high? Okay, so, when the day came for me to prepare, I was overwhelmed. I talked myself out of having fun with the process because my to-do list was so long. Clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, bake cupcakes, wash the floors, arrange dining room furniture, do your nails (chipped nail polish ain’t gonna fly), shave your legs, do your hair (ugh, why is it so flat?!), wash your face, do your makeup, oh, and find a fabulous outfit. Can you see how daunting this process was becoming?

Then a LIGHTBULB went off… Why not get myself ready FIRST? Then take care of the cleaning, baking and setting up afterward!  Initially I thought it sounded dumb.  But then after careful consideration, I saw how it could work.  My endless to-do list had me convinced time was running out anyway! But if I got myself polished before zipping through the menial work, I would feel good knowing I was almost done. AND I could focus 100% of my energy beautifying my home for the holiday party!

Here's The Secret! So what I would like you to do, Fashionista, is to take the time to get ready FIRST. Complete the big stuff like, washing your hair, re-doing your nails, shave, shower, blow dry your hair before picking up a broom. Then start and finalize your chores. I guarantee your tasks will go by quicker due to your serene focus and radiant energy derived from polishing up first. Sure, you still have a ton to do, but that nagging voice inside your head won’t bug you with its endless chatter - mine?: “Ugh, you still need to take off your nail polish and apply another color. Should I go with red? Pink? And your hair is so flat and dirty, you need to wash it soon! You’re running out of time!" -- Yeah, exhausting much?!  Do you know what I mean? So, let’s silence those thoughts by getting yourself ready first!

The MORAL Of The Story: Once you take care of yourself, I guarantee your good energy will flow.  You'll imagine your party as a complete success while scrubbing the floors. You’ll see how dazzling you’ll look as you sweep the last bit of dirt off the floor. And, you’ll visualize sharing your infectious good energy with everyone when the last cupcake is frosted. Trust me; there’s no better way to entertain than with a great attitude and great energy!

Wishing you a fabulous holiday season- as always!


Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My 100th Post! (And 3 Lessons Learned)

I'm thrilled to share this milestone with you: My 100th Post! (And 3 Lessons Learned) Wow! I am about one week away from my one year anniversary! I just have to say, I'm so very happy I started this blog and stuck with it.  

When I started blogging, I was in a much different place in my life.  Not geographically, but internally: emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I had just married and moved to a new city.  I was starting a new life and had no idea how much growing was going to occur once I started.  The idea of blogging was calling my name, but I wasn't sure what to blog about- or even how it worked.  I enlisted a wonderful Life Coach to help me uncover my career path.  (I highly recommend a Life/Career Coach for anyone who wants to build a career.  I found it extremely invaluable to consult with someone more experienced and wiser than me). [Lesson #1 Surround yourself with experienced, successful people, and learn, learn, learn!]

This road has been a journey that has taught me a lot about myself: strengths and weaknesses alike. For instance, do you know how many butterflies and moments of doubt I've encountered? Ugh, tons! (I'm even going through it today!) Did you know many of us fear success? How it will change us, take us out of our comfort zone, put us in the spotlight? Sometimes that can be really scary! But, do you know how many opportunities have come from blogging?  It's enormous. If you told me a year ago, the marketing director of LOFT (formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft) was going to contact me about a piece I wrote and offer monetary support, I would have said: You're CRAZY- no way!  Or if you told me that I would be writing for a FASHION MAGAZINE I would've also said, YEAH RIGHT! Or if you told me I would be interviewed on a radio show, I would've said- you're on DRUGS!  I feel like I've barely scratched the surface but I'm learning (lesson #2!) it all takes times to pan out.

The point is that what seems impossible at the time becomes possible the moment you walk towards your dreams despite your doubts and baggage. {Lesson #3: Don't wait until you're perfect, just go for it! As I like to say: When opportunity knocks, answer- even if you're naked!}

So, do me (you and the world) a favor...take an idea you're passionate about and bring it to life.  Do what it takes to get it off the ground. Work on it every day.  Face your inner naysayer and prove it wrong (you'll find it wasn't right).  You have so much to offer the world.  You are special.  You are unique.  And there is no ONE like you.  I hope you understand that. 

In reflection of my 100th post, and my (almost) one year anniversary, I want to say thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter of The Fashionista Coach.  I wish you all the courage in the world to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Make them a reality for the entire world to enjoy.  You're so special...never forget that.  :)

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Fashion Tip

Hooray for the holidays! Now that we're getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I wanted to share a little holiday fashion tip about sparkling your holiday-wear for upcoming parties....

Vary the degree of shine between items in an outfit. 
People should admire your style, not be blinded by it!

Explaination: Sequins and shine look classic and chic when layered in a balanced fashion.  To score a chic and sparkley holiday ensemble you must know a few ground rules.  For starters, you must select one high-shine piece and add subtle pieces around it.  For example, below, I chose a one-shoulder, mid-sheen dress. Not too shiny and not too dull. The low vibrancy allows us to pair one shiney accessory like these patent-leather pumps (below). I also picked a small black clutch with no sheen to serve as the perfect accent to the "attention-grabbing" shoes and dress.  It's important to let the shiniest piece have the spotlight so you're outfit looks balanced.  In fact, creating this balance, increases your style-factor.   

My Holiday Look! 

Heirloom Silver Dress
$148 -
Print dress »

It's easy to pull off a sparkley holiday look if you implement my holiday fashion tip, and balance out the level of shimmer and details.  Let the shiniest piece have all the attention.  Then add accessories or clothes to support its fabulosity - (as Kimora Lee Simmons says!) And, remember, a well styled outfit lets other people admire you instead of blinding them from seeing it! Wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday-Worthy Review: Natural Makeup by Neways

Neways International is a sponsor of The Fashionista Coach. They are the world's safest and most effective product company in the marketplace. They create safe and natural personal products for everyone to live longer, healthier lives. 

I had the pleasure of testing their cosmetics, which gave me first hand knowledge of how well natural products work and compete against common makeup companies. 
The results were very surprising!

$15.90 Nectar 9765
- Moisturizes
-Last several hours
-Stunning lip color
-No flavoring (so don't lick your lips! ;)

$26.50 Natural Beige 9357
-Perfect amount of moisture
my skin is combination (little bit oily and dry)
-Evens out complexion
-Weightless (not heavy at all!)
-Daytime protection, vitamins and antioxidants, and effortless blendability.
-Non-clogging formula allows your complexion to thrive and evens out skin tones for a soft, natural finish.
-Covers finelines, too! {Oh, what a plus!}

Overall, I see True Touch natural makeup by Neways as a fabulous choice for your makeup bag. Visit to pick up your products today! 

If you would like to see your product featured on my "Wednesday Worthy Review" please email me at for more information. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Wear Tall Boots for Curves

A special reader of mine asked for advice on how a curvy woman (with an hourglass shape) can pick the right boot to wear with jeans {Thanks, Heather for the GREAT suggestion!}  I am a proud owner of my curvy body and have had quite a bit of experience in this area. :) I've tried  many boots with jeans to find that a successful combo is the result of the right cut of jean accentuated by height.  Much consideration for these two areas will put you on the right path to your perfect boot. So, here are my tips on how to wear tall boots for your curves!
The Best Type of Jeans to Wear With Tall Boots are Skinny, Jeggings and Straight Leg.  These cuts have less material to tuck inside boots, which make it ideal and most comfortable for you to wear. 

Fundamental Figure Rules: Tall boots in general emphasize the hip and thigh area of the figure.  First thing you'll want to do is wear jeans with a medium to dark denim wash.  This will not only create a glamourous and polished look, but it will minimize the curviness of the hip and thigh area.   You'll look slender and balanced.

To Embellish Or Not?  The goal is to keep a balanced figure. Anything with excessive amounts of fur, lacing on the side, buckles, chains or studs may be too distracting and may disrupt the balance of your figure.  Keeping embellishments to a minimum is always better.  

Heel vs. Flat....I must say both are equally fabulous and work well for curvy fashionistas.  A way to understand which boot is best for you depends on the occasion. Heels are considered a little more dressy.  Are you going to a holiday party? Heels work fantastically! Do you want a comfortable and chic look on the weekends, perhaps running errands? Go for the flats!

Color Counts....Black, Brown & Gray will be your best bet! Anything too bright, like, turquiose or green will throw off your outfit and offset your curves.  If you want to incorporate color into your overall outfit, wear a scarf or bright accessories.

Extra Style Tips: Short Fashionistas (5'-5" and below) shouldn't wear boots over the knee area.  Try going below the knee like these fabulous mid-calf boots pictured above.  Also, take advantage of pointy toe boots.  It has this fabulous power to lengthen your legs to make you appear taller.  {I, personally love this feature since I'm only 5'2!} 

Again, thank you, Heather for submitting your question and I hope this helps everyone determine which boot works best for your curves! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, November 1, 2010

My First Radio Interview!!

Good Morning Fashionista!

Last Friday was my first radio interview! I was a GUEST on Authentic-Self Radio with my fabulous Fashionista friend, Kimberly Englot.  Kimberly Englot is a brilliant Life Coach.  She mentors men and women in finding their purpose and passion in life through a process of uncovering - what she calls: your  'authentic self.'

I was thrilled (to say the least!) when Kimberly invited me to be a guest on her radio show- {I was -soo- doing the happy dance!}  We talked about fascinating topics such as: inner & outer beauty. I debunked the many Fashionista myths.  We had such a blast sharing our inner and outer beauty strengths, just as I know you possess, Fashionista! 

I invite you to check out the recorded version of the show! Authentic Self Blog Talk Radio: Beauty Inside & Out  Afterwards, think about your inner and outer beauty traits.  If you don't mind, share with me below. Let's remember to celebrate them, not hide them! 

Wishing you a fabulous day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sporty Fashionista Gear from Victoria's Secret

Every weekend you can expect to find my husband and me at home watching football.  Well, my husband mostly...I'm usually cooking, cleaning or doing something else.  It's a routine I've come acustom to ever since we tied the knot.  I'm not a huge fan of football but I do enjoy the festivities, and watching a game from time to time.  Dressing up is always important to me, especially for a fun event, so I got to wondering what's a Fashionista to wear?

Victoria's Secret's Pink clothing line offers a fabulous selection of major NFL team jerseys, t-shirts, yoga pants, puffy vests, lounge wear, and pajama sets! They're fitted, feminine and totally affordable. No reason to compromise your style when football is's only one more reason to step it up! Shop sporty Fashionista gear from Victoria's Secret's Pink clothing line: So, where do you stand on the football scale? Do you have a favorite team? Or do you prefer the fun festive aspect of it? I'd love to know! Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, October 18, 2010

6 Real Simple Laundry Tips

Hey Fashionista!

The past couple of weeks I've been shopping for new items to add to my Fall/Winter wardrobe.  Lots of knit sweaters, new boots, and comfy gloves and scarves.  I've also pulled out my cold weather clothing from the hidden place in the back of my closet. Of course, when I unwrapped my beloved items out of storage they smelt musty. It got me wondering what guidelines I could follow to make sure I wash these items properly before wearing them.  So here are a couple of tips I've gathered from Real Simple magazine for you to implement too! "6 Real Simple Laundry Tips-When to Wash It: The Winter Edition."

1. Sweaters

Washing Guidelines
*Wash after 2-5 wears*
You should wash cotton, silk, and cashmere after 2-3 wears, since these pieces are more delicate.  Wool and durable man-made blends, such as acrylic and polyester can withstand five wears. 

2. Leggings & Lounge Pants

Washing Guidelines
Wash after 1-3 wears....
You can sneak by with 2-3 wears if you're wearing these pants for comfort.  However, be sure to wash them after an exercise class at the gym.  Turn pants inside out and wash in cold water to prevent pilling and fading.  Skip the dryer if you invested in a designer pair.

3. Fleece Jackets & Sweatshirts

Washing Guidelines
Wash after 6-7 wears...
Fleece sweatshirts require more care than a normal, low maitenance cotton sweatshirt.  When washing a fleece sweatshirt, make sure you turn it inside out and wash it with like colors-- and without linty items, like towels.  Rinse twice so there's no detergent residue.  Air dry.

4. Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Washing Guidelines
Wash 3-5 times a season...
These items can be neglected because they cover small areas of our body.  Think about it, these items come in contact with facial oil, makeup, and perfume buildup, plus germs you pick up with your gloves.  Yuck! Be sure to handwash knits.  Dry clean leather gloves and structured hats. 

5. Hosiery

Washing Guidelines
Wash after every wear...
Since we wear these like socks it's best to handwash after every wear.  Make sure you hang dry afterwards. Bonus Tip: If you're haven't a clean pair of tights available, stick them in the dry for 10 minutes with a Refresh n' Dryer towel ($9, a reusable cloth that deodorizes.

6. Leather & Suede Jackets

Washing Guidelines
Wash once a season...
Thanks to the durable nature of leather and suede, you'll only need to wash once a season.  Make sure you leave the cleaning to an expert.  Treat accidental food droppings, like a mustard spot with "Leather CPR" ($12 for 8 oz. at and brush suede often to keep in top condition.  Make sure you wear a scarf with this type of jacket to prevent makeup and perfume from staining the collar.

Well, Fashionista, there you have 6 Real Simple Laundry Tips to keep your winter goods clean, fresh and sustainable!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, October 11, 2010

Feminine Fall Essentials

Hey Fashionista!

The past couple of weeks I've been scoping out the retail scene to create the perfect Fall outfit with feminine essentials. I've been bombarded with endless magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, Allure, etc. that suggest a million-and-one trendy Fall ideas.

Some suggestions were a little out-there like: wear animal-print pants with animal print tops. For an added bonus: throw on a leopard hat. Really? Or- Wear bright colored cotton socks with open-toe high heels... Hmmmm.

The only time I recall using these trends was when my age was a single digit. My partner in crime..(I mean, my cousin ;) and I (overloaded with sugar) raided my mother's closet. We threw on every item we could get our hands on and pretend we were in a fashion show. Completely silly, I know. But, the point is that these trends aren't particularly feminine or essential to looking fabulous for Fall.
If you are the type of woman who appreciates simple, feminine trends that will last longer than a season, check out my favorite feminine Fall essentials that won't show up in October's Cosmo, Glamour, Vogue, or Allure magazine...

Fall Essential Ensemble #1: Casual Feminine Look
My favorite Fall outfit thus far.  I personally shopped for this look and find it comfy, feminine, and stylish.  Added bonus: it pairs with just about anything in your closet.  :)

 Abercrombie & Fitch Megan Dress $68

Abercrombie & Fitch Embellished Belt $38

Victoria's Secret Side-Tie Boat $89

Fall Essential #2: Wrap Sweater
Cozy, cozy, cozy, and ultra fem! Don't you love effortless pieces? I consider the wrap sweater as my top go-to wrap for fall.  It keeps me warm and stylish without any effort at all.  I highly recommend this for your feminine wardrobe. Coordinate with your favorite pair of boots, jeans and white t-shirt/ top. 

Victoria's Secret Cotton Cashmere Wrap Sweater On Sale $39

Fall Essential #3:Flirty Cardigans 
This trend is super exciting! Finally, we can kiss boring cardigans goodbye! And say Hello to fun, feminine sweaters! 

Old Navy Ruffle-Trim Cardigan $24.99

Fall Essential #4: Embellished Tops
Fantastic to pair with anything and everything: work trousers, capri pants, denim jeans, skirts, and shorts.

Old Navy Embellished Tank $16.50

Loft Chiffon Detail V-Neck Tee $29.99
Do you have a feminine, fall essential? I'd love to know! Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Do You Define Fashionista?

When you think of the word "Fashionista" what comes to mind? Is it positive? Or negative? How do you define Fashionista?

After talking to many women about this subject, I discovered this term to be negative. Most women define a Fashionista as unattainable and not for them.  I get the sense women base this concept on having to be skinny, rich, blonde, perfect and a "designer-label-lover."  Several people have said Paris Hilton is the perfect example of the description above.  (Sorry, Paris!) I can see how designer labels and Paris Hilton have given the term "Fashionista" a bad rep.  But consider another possibility...

Money can buy you fashion, but money can never buy you style. In my eyes, a Fashionista is someone who is true to themselves.  They know and harness self-love that allows them to want great things from life.  They constantly push their boundaries to be a better person.  They strive for their dream job...or their dream life because they know they can have it.  Because of that love that goes on inside of them, they want to show the world their most stylish self.  

Your style file might include designer labels- and that is totally fine!  Fashionistas can like designer purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc. without meaning you are a pushy, self-righteous, snob.  You've probably taken the time to save for these items and are very responsible with your money.  Or, maybe designers aren't your thing.  Instead you get your kicks from finding the perfect deal. Or, perhaps you prefer organic clothing because you're passionate about saving and supporting our environment. Either way, a Fashionista is defined by your unique qualities, which is the vehicle to your perfect style. 

So, how do you define Fashionista? Is she someone strong, smart, witty, and caring who happens to look stylish? Remember, you can be stylish no matter your age, shape, size, budget, or cultural background.  It's defined on your terms and your qualities.  I encourage you to jot down what comes to mind right now and start creating your ideal Fashionista.  I'd love to hear your ideas on what that looks like for you.  Hoping you have a wonderful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashionista Outfit Deal: Cozy Autumn

Fall is a beautiful time for transition.  The warm weather gives way to cool temperatures and the leaves start to turn.   We no longer need shorts and flip flops. Instead we crack open our winter bin and embrace cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots.  Ahh, I can already smell hot cocoa and warm nights by the fire... :) Enjoy!

Main Cozy Autumn Pieces:
 Sweater + Leggings = $44.50

Sweater tunics are perfect for cooler temperatures. They flatter every figure and go best with leggings and jeans.

Opt for buttoned leggings to add sophistication to your look.  These are perfect for work- that's if your boss allows leggings in the office.

Autumn Accessories:
Purse + Earrings + Boots = $63.99

Fringe has been hot all summer long. Try a fringe bag in a cool color and add to just about any outfit!

Statement earrings make a stylish impression all by themselves.  Don't wear a necklace when opting for a larger, dangly earring like these.

Flat boots are so chic.  My world is a whole lot brighter knowing I can wear comfortable and stylish shoes. Whoever said beauty had to be painful?

Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Signs Your Wardrobe is Blah

Hey Fashionista! Sometimes we're too involved with our busy schedule, demanding jobs, and multiple commitments to tell if our wardrobe needs a fashion fix. So, how do we know if it's gone by the wayside? Here are a few solid signs and ways to fix it!

1. There's a Color Trend...
Go look in your closet. Do you notice a collection of colors? Like 10 white t-shirts? Or, 5 black slacks? Do you notice a certain color amassing your hangers? Was your answer yes? Then, you might want to rethink your shopping strategy.  Venture out and test new hues.  For instance , if you love pink, try purple, if you can't get enough of black, try gray.  Remember:Variety is the spice of life!

2. It's a Sea of Solids...
Solid colors are great in moderation. But when your t-shirts, socks, blouses, scarves, belts, sweaters, cardigans are all solid, you're simplifying too much and loosing a piece of style real estate. You've gotta mix it up a little. The truth is that - You are hip and you are totally stylish. So why not let everyone else know it? Thankfully this is an easy fix. Start small if this idea doesn't fit comfortably at first. Buy patterned accessories- say a scarf (perfect for Fall) or a printed cami to wear beneath a t-shirt. A little print can go a long way.  

3.  Faded Colors
Gray sweaters that used to be black, or an orange shirt that used to be red, doesn't deserve to take up precious space in your closet. Toss them! Understand that you WILL find another sweater/shirt to replace your beloved item. Look for something just as fabulous and remember to read the label for care instructions.
Bonus Tip: The most typical way to keep colors from fading is to: turn clothes inside out, wash in cold water (with like-colors), and don't over-dry.

4.  You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  There's a tank hanging in your closet right now that used to be your go-to top for a night out. It made you feel hot, but these days, it's lookin' pretty shabby.  Get RID OF IT. Better yet, donate it to someone else. Yes, you had your good times wearing it but if you've lost that lovin' feeling, it's only going to remind you how much you have nothing to wear. Ditch it.  

5. You've Got Too Much Stuff
I love having tons, and tons, of clothes just as much as you do, but, if you're not a millionaire, chances are you're holding onto these clothes for the wrong reasons.  Get in there, figure out what's working for you and purge what is not. 

I hope you enjoyed the 5 Signs Your Wardrobe is Blah.  Please cast your vote and tell me which sign resonated with you.  Have a wonderful week, Fashionista!

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