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Monday, December 28, 2009

Shopping Tip of The Week

Try on every item in the store that dazzles you; even if you can't afford the 5 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, or 3 dresses you want to take into the dressing room. Choose the garment that looks the ABSOLUTE BEST on you and that you can afford. The Goal?  Indulging your inner-Fashionista. When you try on everything, you will discover what looks best on you and what does not. You'll avoid buyer's remorse (when you discover you overspent) and/or a little thing called LYDS (Letting Yourself Down Syndrome) that creeps up when we leave the store sadly looking at that cute little dress in the window that you didn't try on.  Fear not.  Indulging your inner-Fashionista won't possess you to buy everything you tried on. Why? Because half of the clothes that look fabulous on the hanger will not look good on you.  You'll find that it didn't flatter your shape the way you envisioned or the pattern didn't do a damn thing for your skin tone.  The bottom line: you'll appreciate what you bought without regrets!

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