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Monday, December 28, 2009

Shopping Tip of The Week

Try on every item in the store that dazzles you; even if you can't afford the 5 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, or 3 dresses you want to take into the dressing room. Choose the garment that looks the ABSOLUTE BEST on you and that you can afford. The Goal?  Indulging your inner-Fashionista. When you try on everything, you will discover what looks best on you and what does not. You'll avoid buyer's remorse (when you discover you overspent) and/or a little thing called LYDS (Letting Yourself Down Syndrome) that creeps up when we leave the store sadly looking at that cute little dress in the window that you didn't try on.  Fear not.  Indulging your inner-Fashionista won't possess you to buy everything you tried on. Why? Because half of the clothes that look fabulous on the hanger will not look good on you.  You'll find that it didn't flatter your shape the way you envisioned or the pattern didn't do a damn thing for your skin tone.  The bottom line: you'll appreciate what you bought without regrets!

Favorite Winter Accessory!

Last week, I asked the question: "What is your favorite Winter Accessory?" You ladies voted and the results are in! The winner is: Scarves! Scarves ranked #1 at 83%; Uggs 66%, and 10% of you choose handbags. As I write to you, I am wearing my NEW favorite winter accessory: my white Ugg boots, which were a christmas gift from my mother-in-law - a woman who definitely knows her fashion! Thank you Alice!!

Scarves are definitely a must have winter accessory that has been popular as far back as ancient Rome where it was called sudarium (Latin term for "sweat cloth") and was used by Romans to wipe their necks and faces. The ancient Romans developed the scarf into a diverse men's fashion accessory, whether knotted to a belt or worn around the neck. Of course this style was quickly adopted by women also, and the scarf has since become synonymous with women’s fashion.

The scarf has evolved since the ancient Roman days not only in material but in style. We no longer use it as a sweat cloth but as an avid fashion accessory in winter. Some of the most iconic and fashionable women in history wear scarves just as often as you and I do.

Amanda Bynes

Jackie O.

Lauren Conrad

Reese Witherspooon

When you think about it, scarves are the most versatile, with a longer wear-time than handbags, hats or Uggs.  You can wear them to work without having to take it off or put them away.  You can work around the house, run errands, jog outdoors, ski, snowboard, party, meet new clients, go on a job interview, shop online, feed the cat, walk the dog, go on a date, and lunch with your girlfriends. I think you get the point!

Bottom line: Scarves are the kind of accessory that is allowed in more places than shoes, hats and handbags.  Unless you take your new Coach bag to bed because you can't bare to take your eyes off of it, then we'll let that be the exception to the rule. ;)

Thank you, Fashionistas for taking the time to share your opinion with me.  I always love hearing from you! Make sure you stop by Old Navy for the best scarf deals! They are selling adorable printed and super comfy scarves starting at $6.99!
My personal fav...

Yellow & White Women's Gauze Scarf for $15.50

Friday, December 18, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New

As seen in South Bay Woman's  December Edition!

Fashion is a wonderful way to express our individuality, reflect our position in life, and transition from day to evening. Each season brings an opportunity to create a newer and better you. You know, the ‘you’ you spend so much time daydreaming about but if only you had the time or the money to start? Well, I am here to say it is possible to make it happen! All it takes is evaluating what you have in your closet right now.

I am a firm believer in starting everything in life from the ground up. So for your fashion makeover we will start your groundwork by looking inside your closet. The goal? To purge un-wanted items; like clothes that shrunk, black pants that are now grey, or outdated sweaters, tops and pants that were hip in another decade.

You may feel overwhelmed just by thinking about facing your closet, but believe me, this process is well worth it. You will save time when you're getting ready for work in the morning because you'll open up your closet and find the perfect outfit with minimal effort. Talk about adding 20 minutes to your morning! Or better yet- imagine opening your closet knowing all of your clothes fit perfectly; plays up your beautiful features and shows the world you’re a Fashionista. Can you feel the motivation?!

To make this process easier, you will need several items. First, grab three empty baskets, boxes or trash bags. Make sure they are labeled: “Donate,” “Trash,” or “Tailor.” Now, enlist a trusted friend, family member or significant other who can give you their honest and loving feedback on how each garment looks on you. A few guidelines: Clothes in good condition that are outdated, or no longer fit, can go in the “Donate” pile. Clothes with holes that cannot be repaired need to go in the “Trash” pile. If you have items that can be altered, put them in your “Tailor” pile.

Now it is time to march over to your closet and purge!  Don’t worry if you come to an indecisive moment (a.k.a. meltdown), your trusted friend will be there for moral support. He or she will give you 101 reasons why you deserve better! In case you're not sure what an indecisive moment looks like, I’ve included some excuses my clients and friends have given me:

1. “When I lose the extra five pounds it will fit.”
2. “Maybe it will come back in style next season.”
3. “But I had this since high school! It was my best top!”

This is when you take a DEEP breath...and repeat: "I am a Fashionista and deserve a FABULOUS wardrobe!" Then get rid of it! Honor and love your figure for it's natural beauty. Release clothes that keep you hating your figure and make room for clothes that work for you!

If I still haven't kicked your pretty hinney into action, take it from world renowned author Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich.” He said these very wise words, “The more you give, the more comes back to you.” In other words: give your old clothes to charity and open yourself up to abundance. What do I mean by this? Getting rid of the negative energy (like, that stack of unworn  jeans hidden in the corner of your closet) automatically racks up abundance for you. It could come in such a way where you'll feel like putting in the effort to find fabulous clothes. Or, you might score extra money on your tax return to buy new clothes! Or, just maybe, you'll commit to a savings plan to use for new clothes. Either way, let's purge the old and bring in the new! Take the plunge and uncover your fabulous Fashionista within!

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