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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Scripting: Create Your Dream Life

Recently, I came across an amazing YouTuber by the name of Ashley Ducey. She is the wife of Jake Ducey, who is an even bigger inspirational YouTuber on the Law of Attraction.  I gain so much insight from these two on how to bring more of my desires into reality- relatively quick.

If Law of Attraction is a new concept to you or if you have some background knowledge, no need to worry, this concept is very easy to grasp. In order to attract what we want into our lives we have to embody the energy that's a match for the desire you want in your life. 

Wanting a brand new car, home or amount of money vibrates at a certain level that can come in when you are a vibrational match to it. Everything is "energy" - even our dream home and our dream car vibrates at a certain energetic level. In order to call in what we desire, we must believe we can have it. If we are in total belief it's possible then our energy matches up to the thing we most desire and it manifests.

One of my recently developed tools in my Law of Attraction kit is "Scripting."  Have you heard of it before?" From what I learned about Scripting is that you can call upon your desired outcome by writing it as if it's already true. It can be written out in the form of:

"I'm so grateful I am earning $10,000/month doing what I love.
I'm so grateful I am living my life's purpose and doing the work I love.
I'm so grateful I am inspiring millions of people worldwide with the work I love to do."

It's similar to writing a Gratitude List. The reason why this works is because The Universe loves giving more to those who are already happy with that they have. Do you remember the last time you were looking around the room feeling a deep sense of happiness inside because your family all got together, the weather was so sunny and gorgeous, everyone was having a wonderful time, and all you could do was smile thinking how grateful you were? That's a high vibration state. The Universe sprinkles more goodies onto those who are in this state of being! 

Does this sound like an exercise you will try? Good.

Here's what you'll need:

1. a notebook 
2.  a pen 

(it's 100x more effective writing it than typing it on a phone keypad).  

Get ready to vibrate high and be an energetic match of your desires  in order to manifest your dream life!


The Beachonista

P.S. For more Scripting details please click on Jake + Ashley Ducey's Youtube Channel above!

Friday, July 5, 2019

How to Get Out of Your Own Way + Live Your Dream Life

This moment almost didn’t 
happen last night.
I was afraid
it would be a waste of time,
effort and energy. 

I never paddled at night &
felt terribly nervous about the
night + water conditions.
How would I see?! 
Am I even allowed to do this?
I want to do this so badly
but i’m overwhelmed
by the possibility of it 
not working out.

Recognizing my own anxiety,
suspecting that I was the 
one getting in the way of
my goal, my dream,
I quieted my mind for a minute.
In that moment of 
silent contemplation
something inside me said:
“I think you should
just keep going &
see what happens...
Load up your stuff, 
start riding down,
Get on the water and
take it moment by
to moment.

Most importantly:
ALL of your solutions are
THERE, not here in your
anxious future-tripping mind.”

I took the message
from my inner wisdom
and decided to troubleshoot
as I went.
And guess what,
it worked out
more beautifully 
than I could have ever

If notice yourself 
wanting to 
go for what
your heart truly desires,
but come up with a million
reasons it might not work,
sit in silence,
quiet your mind,
and listen to what your
inner wisdom says.

Most likely it’ll say:
Load up your stuff,
Head down to the water,
take it moment by moment.
In other words:
go with it & see what
h a p p e n s. πŸ’₯πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’•πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️

Always rooting for you,


The Beachonista πŸ’—

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Set Yourself Free #independenceday

The day you realize

YOU are your
biggest obstacle is the
day you’re set f r e e. πŸŒŸ

It took me 26 years of life
to understand why when I got
everything I wanted in life:
the husband, the new house,
the dog, the car, the degree,
you name it- I was unhappy.
Actually, i was beyond unhappy.
I was deeply depressed,
debilitated by anxiety, and
couldn’t get out of bed
to face another
day in confusion
about why my *dream life*
didn’t feel like h o m e.😣
I had given my
power away to people,
places and things to
decide my happiness
or unhappiness, for
that matter.
I was attached to outcomes
and believed having
someone love me 
supplemented for the
lack of love I felt inside. 

If there’s one thing to take

away from my post
it is this: 

Your dream life will never
fulfill your true heart’s 
d e s i r e s if it is
based on a version
of yourself that is filled
with emptiness
and lacking of
self love. 
Your blossoming,
beautiful, fulfilling 
life that fulfills your heart’s
desires can only be dreamed
up from a full heart. ❤️

If your dreams are have fallen apart,

it’s time

to roll up your sleeves,
pop the hood and look
beneath your surface
for the pieces that 
need your tender love
and attention.
my *Free Guide* 
(to the top right!) 
& start building
your dream life from a
place of self love. 

I’ll be taking everyone who resonates with this message
on a deeper, personal journey
in my online group coaching
course come August.
Leave your email address 
in a comment below
or email it to 
if you’d like to be the first to
know when this 5 week online
class begins...πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’•

Friday, June 28, 2019

I've had the desire to shift gears in my business...

You know the feeling

of knowing what

your heart wants
but it looks different
from what your
f a m i l y
wants for you
(or what your
friends are
interested in)?

*Raises hand!

So you reject your desires,
push them deep down
to stay
but still feel
u n h a p p y?

The past couple of months
I've had this deep desire
to shift gears in my
& start an online
coaching program
to share how
I liberated my
t r u e spirit
(from fitting in)
+ started a c c e p t i n g
myself exactly as I am
and found the
path to my
*d r e am life*

Many of you have
asked + wondered
what it took to feel
aligned, energized, full
of purpose, and, actually,
despite the loss of my parents,
health challenges,
often times-
panic disorder
all going on
in my life.

My #FreeYourSpirit
5 Week Online Coaching
Program is
launching soon
and I couldn't be more
thrilled to share this
program that promises to
transform and FREE YOUR SPIRIT.
It promises to get you
connected + aligned
with your purpose
+ heart desires
most importantly,
healing the wounds
that are holding you
in unhappiness
+ unfulfillment.

If you have been
desiring your dream life
of living your purpose,
finding healing around
the past,
and are ready
to claim total alignment
with your purpose
to experience happiness...

Subscribe to my email

list (on top right hand corner!)
and I'll put you on

the VIP list
for when  I open
5 week online course
in August...

The Beachonista
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