Thursday, August 22, 2019

Free Your Spirit 4 Week Online Masterclass

Gain Emotional Freedom from Deep-Rooted Fears + Step into Your Dream Life in 4 Weeks!

Is there an area in your life where you feel held back from happiness and freedom?

Our desires are unique to each and every one of us. 

But there’s one thing we all have in common 

and are struggling to be free from: 

subconscious fears.

They are implanted in our subconscious mind 

and are hard to gain freedom from without the proper tools. 

We notice them because we are playing small 

and have tried doing everything we possibly can to overcome 

them with surface-y strategies that don’t 

get to the heart of the matter and leave us feeling defeated.

This online course is where I’ll guide you on how to reconnect 
to your happiness and self love, so you can... 

🌺Learn to let go of the pain that’s causing lack of self esteem.

BbbBBBbbbbbbbbBuBuild your inner foundation on solid ground before going for your dream career, business, relationship.

🌺Feel deep worth no matter how far your self esteem has crashed down.

🌺Heal the past in order to trust yourself 

🌺Believe in YOU again (maybe, for the first time ever) even when you feel it’s impossible.


Free Your Spirit Online Master Class consists of 4 in-depth recorded calls that will guide you through each weekly lesson jam-packed with: transformative material, exercises, and meditations. 

Designed to help you:
• Listen to what your emotions + body are trying to tell you. 

• Get smart about your subconscious fears, the ones that are driving you to undervalue yourself, sabotage your success + and hide your greatest gifts. 

• Change your mindset, habits and patterns at a cellular level.

(We are not putting fluffy positive thinking affirmations over your pain).

• Choosing your brand of fear that’s stopping you. 

• Letting go of traumatic experiences (big or small) that keep you looping  through self-sabotaging limiting patterns. 

• Learn the powerful and proven technique for dealing with emotions that popular media isn’t talking about, but you need to know if you want stop fear from stopping you.

•Why stuffing, silencing your emotional fears and ignoring them doesn’t work and the one thing that surprisingly softens it.

* You will learn impactful daily practices that will set you up for a lifelong (and enormously liberating) relationship to fear.

* You'll successfully override the tendency to go back to old limiting patterns.

* You'll start to notice your energy is lighter.

* You'll feel good, happy and naturally enthusiastic about your next steps. 

* You'll feel comfortable in your own skin.

* You'll gain AUTHENTIC confidence.

* You'll naturally attract an inspiring life. 
You will do this in your own time. From the comfort of your own home.

Don’t waste another minute feeling...
- depressed 
- defeated 
- confused about why you aren’t happy and Living Your Dream Life.

Save time and money on over-priced therapy sessions and self help books that only address a quarter of the problem.  When you sign up for this program,  you'll get the tools to get to the HEART of the matter.  Unlike traditional therapy, the only thing you’ll need after it is the  set of tools you’ll learn here.  This program is designed to put YOU in the driver seat of your life.  You will save your precious time and hard-earned money. 

ENROLL Now  for ONLY $249!!

Price Package
*4 weekly payments of $75*

I want to END your struggle.
I want to give you the tools to your FREEDOM from feeling out of options, I want to help you END the tiring cycle of doing the same thing over and over --
without knowing how to fix it. 

Come on the journey with me as we ditch the shit
and align with you with your dreams..
This is your chance at FREEDOM.

How did I discover this Freedom?
• It wasn’t due to a lifetime of therapy.
(which I did for YEARS without any breakthrough, thousands of dollars down the tube, and lots of time wasted chasing my own tail)
 •It wasn’t because I read self help books.
I took a program where I was GUIDED to
specifically identify the voice of my own self sabotage
My inner mean girl
loves telling me that I’m alone and undeserving of love. 
In fact, she’ll find reasons why it’s true until I am 100% 
subscribed to feeling like:
I’m... a.) a loser  b). failing at life 
c). I should just start crying now. 😂
I used to do almost anything I could
to shove down my weaknesses +
pretend I was fearless.
ALL in the name of having
“C O N F I D E N C E” —
(because you MUST BE
confident to be approved
of, right?)  Ugh.
Just saying that word
makes me feel like I just 
shoved my size 5
ass in a size 0 pair of jeans. 😝
It’s totally suffocating!😩
And, quite frankly, a
spirit dimmer. 💔👎🏼
My size 5 wasn’t made to fit into
a zero. And my spirit wasn’t 
put here to be forced,
poked, and prodded to
be anything less than 
accepting of me. 
In fact, if I was aware of fear's influence on my  life when I was in my unaware state of life,
I would’ve told me @ 24: 
don’t go through with my
The 24 year old me did not
know she did not accept 
herself. She didn’t know that
her family’s teachings broke
her self esteem and were
full of shit. 
She did not know how
to say no to all that did not 
resonate with her happiness.
She didn’t know she had 
every right to pursue her
own creative pursuits. She 
didn’t know she could thrive.
She thought her sensitivity
was shameful and weak.
She thought she needed a 
man to take care of her.
She didn’t know she was 
enough as she was. 
She thought she 
needed someone
to complete her.
A lifetime of therapy didn’t 
teach me how to unlock myself from
negative beliefs that were
passed down in my family
from generation
to generation.
Buying into them cost me my
a u t h e n t i c i t y +
Recognizing this was an issue 
took time but 
restored my self love
once again. 
My life looks a lot different 
than that day i anxiously 
walked down the aisle.
I found proven techniques 
that released me
from feeling confused
and miles away from my
authenticity and put me on 
a direct path to absolute 
M A G I C. 
living with PURPOSE.
attracting ABUNDANCE 
almost effortlessly 
all because of these simple 
tools I thought years of therapy
would teach me. 
There’s too many of us
not living in our authenticity
and missing out on happiness,
numbing out wishing for Friday,
never seeing the magic that is life 
and never getting the true 
pleasure of being who they were 
truly meant to be in this one
big life we have. 
Stop unconsciously saying 
NO to your dream life,
when it’s sitting right there
waiting for you to claim it.
Don’t spend another minute
unhappy, disconnected 
from your joy, and the 
abundant life you were meant
to live. 

Here's What You'll Learn Each Week!

I understand we all are busy to make time to attend a Live Video.

I've taken the liberty to record 4 in-depth calls filled with:
- transformative material
- exercises
- meditations 
that will arrive in your inbox every Monday. 

You can listen to it on your phone or computer. 
(see each teaching module below)

You'll receive powerful weekly practices to incorporate on a daily basis that will bust through those fears and take back your power. 

The most wonderful part of this program is that it is done from the comfort of your own home!  

All you need is your phone, a comfy place to sit, a notebook and a pen! 

Price Package
Week One: Shinning the Light on Your Fear. - Understanding the 5 Major Brands of Fear + which ones rule your life.  - Get in touch with fear's overpowering words that are keeping you small. - Becoming aware of when these subconscious fears were born + how they are driving you to work too hard or not try at all. - Discovering how to dismantle it's grip on you. Week Two: Taking Your Power Back from Fear - Identifying the brand of fear that is stopping you. - Change your mindset, habits, and patterns at a cellular level. - Let go of traumatic experiences (big or small) that keep you looping through self sabotaging limiting patterns. - Learn the powerful + proven technique for dealing with difficult emotions that popular media isn't talking about, but you need to know if you want to stop fear from stopping you. Week Three: Free Your Mind From Fear - Learn fear's powerful weapons and how you can disempower them instantly! - Why "stuffing" and "silencing" and trying to ignore your fear doesn't work and the surprising thing that softens it. -One powerful technique to exposing your fear in an instant! Week Four: Transform Your Fear to Love - Learn to differentiate between the voice of your inner wisdom and fear. - How to get our brain to overcome fear. - Why love transforms your fear and how to do it. 

Price Package
Success Stories.

Chase was so locked in resentment and fear toward his Ivy-League family. He was unhappy and miserable going to USC. He longed to be a fulltime yogi, to help people heal spiritually but felt powerless to his fear and was subconsciously locked in. He was stuck working part time at a yoga studio, living at home, going to school- living a life he knew wasn’t for him. 

By the time he was through with this program, he found a new place, landed 3 yoga-teaching gigs at his favorite studio and healed his resentment towards his parents. 

Jason ditched the belief he wasn’t talented enough to be a DJ and beefed up on the courage to take it seriously, despite his family’s expectations of an acceptable career. After doing the work he became a full time DJ!
Give yourself a second chance at a better life. 
I will be your compass- guiding you inside your mind and heart helping you find the path to freedom; helping you find your most authentic self; helping you create a life you're happy to live every day; helping you find freedom from the 
fear that holds you back in an unhappy reality. 

No more wasting time not living the dream that is you.

Xo, The Beachonista 
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